Intuition and How to Train It

Developing your Instincts: How to Train your Intuition

develop_instinctInstinct or intuition is the capability of having a flash of knowledge of a certain event even before it has happened. Simply speaking, it is that gut feeling that, in hindsight, turns out to be right!

We all get these flashes at some time of the other; some of us however get it more than the others. Most of us generally simply overlook and brush it aside and recall only after something that came as instinct, proved to be correct.

Only a few mention it later as just one of those gut feelings that happened. What is amazing, however, is the fact that people who place bets, go to horse races, indulge in the lottery, etc seem to trust this amazing source of guidance more than scientists and believers!

With a little thought, you would realize that if you could train your intuition and arrive at sound knowledge that you can use in your life it would make it much more meaningful and also give better results for every event that happens.

If you could train your intuition or the instinct you could also use it for getting that “inner” guidance when in a tight corner.

How to train your intuition

1.    Trust your Instincts

The first step to training your instinct is learning to trust it.  As you trust it and proceed with this training you would see amazing results; some coming very slowly at first, but in the long run, if you continue and have faith, it will help you achieve so many things that you desire and would solidify your faith even further.
What happens when you make a choice among many candidates that have similar qualifications?  How do you select the best when everything else seems equal? Well, at this time your instinct comes into play and you automatically choose what you feel is the best; it is like the gut feeling that you have. But how often is this correct?  Train your intuition involves tapping into the subconscious mind to get the best results.

2.   Meditate

The next step to train your intuition is learning to do instant meditation; that is, getting into this state for a short while instantly.  Meditation brings your mind to rest and helps in removing the clutter and noise which in turn makes it easier for you to focus and communicate with your subconscious mind that drives your thought process and actions. This is the time when you just hold on for a moment and listen to it.

3.   Ask the right question and learn to listen

This is very important when you want to train your intuition. Once your mind is at rest and calm, ask the question and wait for the answer.  To do so, you have to formulate the question very clearly before you start meditation.  Having made your mind calm, hold it in that state till the time you get the first thought about the question that you asked.  It may not come easily at first but with training, this communication between your thought and your subconscious would become clearer and clearer and you would get better results as you proceed.

4.  Listen to your gut feeling

sometimes intuitive thoughts come to us without even asking questions. Do not brush them aside or overlook them.  Instead, train your intuition by making a note of such fleeting thoughts that have been coming to you at odd moments. They often form a pattern that points to a solution.

5.   Make a journal of intuitive thoughts

Quite often, you would notice that thoughts that arise without your knowledge are about the situation that is currently at hand or that is bothering you for some time.  These are also about the situations in which you are seeking some answers.   Therefore, it stands to reason that if you make a journal of these thoughts that pop in and out of your mind at all times. You would find it much easier going through them at the later time frame to see which ones of them applied to the situation and use them for your own good.

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