Tapping the Sixth Sense by Developing your ESP

Tapping the Sixth Sense

Tapping the sixth sense can lead you to a path of creative imagination. It is the door that opens the temple of wisdom and gives us access to an unseen world of super-consciousness. It is up to us to learn to harness this as much as we can. All it needs is to become aware of the subtle messages that we receive.

All living beings have an extrasensory perception (ESP), often loosely described as the sixth sense. It is essentially the act of receiving information from other than the recognized senses of touch, taste, smell, vision, and hearing.

Just How Many Senses are there?

The expression “sixth sense” may suggest to some that there is only one other sense besides these five senses. Nothing can be far from the truth. There are many senses that exist but cannot be explained. Some of these classified by the neurologists are – equilibrioception (balance); nociception (pain); thermoception (temperature differences); magnetoception (direction), etc.

Let’s confine ourselves to what we popularly call the sixth sense as the “gut feeling”.

So what is this Sixth Sense all about?

The human body consists of billions of nerve cells; with almost 10 to 12 billion in the human cerebral cortex alone!

These are all arranged in a pattern that the help us not only to carry out our bodily functions day in and day out but also work all the time as broadcasting and receiving station for thoughts which come even when you are asleep. Our brains are broadcasting and receiving signals all the time.

The trouble is that we “see” or get fleeting thoughts but we do not give them much importance if they are not in confirmation of our activity at that moment. Nor do we try to harness and focus upon thought with a view to reap benefits.

A living cell is like a radio station beaming its signals all the time and when millions of cells combine and create a resonance in thought, you can well imagine the magnitude of their abilities.

If only you could use the power of your mind you would achieve outstanding results and an amazing level of awareness.

Tapping the Sixth Sense

Fortunately, we all are born with the sixth sense. All it needs is a bit of focus, belief and hard work to train yourself to tap on the thoughts and patterns that exist in the consciousness by being more receptive to the right kind of messages.

Here are some easy suggestions-

1..    Getting Balanced and Receptive

Whenever we allow one sense to be predominant, it can be a hindrance to the other senses. Tapping the sixth sense involves developing a skill that makes your thoughts more balanced and mind tuned to be receptive to the subtle vibrations and energies around you. This can happen only if we let go of the five senses of taste, see, touch, hear and smell for a moment.

2.    Developing a Relationship with the Environment

The sixth sense is essential for survival. In the prehistoric world, that is what kept the humans, as well as other animals and birds alive! The fore-warning of impending danger was received by something other than the five known senses. Animals and birds still have this heightened sixth sense which warns them of the predators as well as natural disasters before they actually happen. Being out in the outdoors more often will help you get in touch with your primal instinct, and help you develop the sixth sense.

3.    Write down Your Thoughts

Unless you deliberately get into a meditative posture, the sixth sense often communicates through your dreams. At times dreams don’t really necessarily make any sense to our logical mind but they often carry subtle messages about your life-path.

Writing down the dreams and early morning theta level thoughts regularly make the themes and patterns emerge that will eventually guide you in your endeavors.

4.    Developing the Intuitive Muscle

Just as any physical exercise helps you develop a specific set of muscles, so too regular practice will contribute to a stronger and more reliable sixth sense. This, in turn, will make you more confident taking life-changing and important decisions.

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