Training Sessions  

Write to me for any clarifications

1.        Usui Reiki TRAINING and Attunement Sessions (Click for Details of timings, duration, cost, etc)

2.       Chakra Balancing and Visualisation Training (3 hours online- 30 USD) 

3.        Manifestation of Desires (5 Days Training & practice one Hour daily – USD 50)

4         Basic Theta Healing (5 Days Training & practice one Hour daily) – USD 100

5.        Karuna Reiki Training and attunement – (3 Days Training & practice Two Hours daily or 5 hours on single sitting one day)- USD 30

6.        Yoga – Pranayamas (Theory, Practice & Training) – Short Course – 3 days 1 hour daily -USD 45

Advanced Course -2 Day on completion of Short course – FREE.

7.         Yoga and Meditation (Please write for your tailormade requirement)

8,         Acupressure-  Training – 5 Hours Course – USD 50

Healing Sessions
  1.    20-30 minutes Reiki Distance Healing – 3 Sessions FREE, Thereafter USD 5 per session
  2.    30 minutes Reiki Healing Using Live contact on Skype/Phone call – USD 10 per Session
  3.    Live one to one 45 minutes Reiki Session in person – USD 15 per session.
  4.    Home service – as above plus all inclusive time USD 5 per hour (for Reiki training and/or healing)


The First session is FREE. Thereafter, for long-term issues, you can opt for 30 minutes sessions as per requirements. 

Please Note: ALL  rates above are suggested rates but you can also opt for continuous free healing if you cannot afford. On your Birthday the rates will be exactly half as my special gift.

Minimum recommended sessions –

Normal issues like headaches, sleeplessness, ordinary fever, and body ache, depression etc – 3 sessions (you would generally not need further treatment).
Relationship issues and age-related problems -15 sessions
For other serious issues like cancer, possession by spirits, genetic issues 12 sessions every month to get relief.

Theta Healing Sessions

Only Live one to one sessions are held – USD 15 per 30-minute session


Live (in person) 45-minute sessions – USD 50 for the first 3 sessions, thereafter USD 15 per session

Note: It is mandatory for a companion to be present throughout the session in case of women patients.

Minimum recommended sessions – three




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