USUI REIKI COURSES (5-6 hours sessions)

Level 12000100
Level 2 ** 3500 150
Level Master** 5500 250
** 25% will be OFF
if you have done
Previous level with me
ALL Levels 10000 500

Note: Each Level is 5 to 6 hours -(also available online LIVE using zoom/Skype) and is held with a gap of a minimum of 1 month between each level.

Immediate Family members (parents, siblings, and spouses) get a 50% discount if they so desire. This is to promote this within the families.

Reiki will NOT BE DENIED to anyone.

THOSE WHO CANNOT PAY can simply ask for an appropriate discount.

KARUNA REIKI COURSES (3-4 Hours Sessions)

Level 13500150
Level 23500150
Full Practice (45 Min)**150050
** For those who have already learnt but want to refresh
Both Levels (6 Hours)6000250

Note: Each Level is of 3 hours- also available online LIVE using zoom/skype) and is held over 2 days.

CRYSTALS COURSES (5 Hours Sessions)

Certificate Course in Applied Crystal Healing 3500150
Crystal Grids & Transpersonal Crystal Healing Program3500150
Both (3 Day session)6000250


(Enquire HERE for Dowsing, Crystal Therapy, PLR, Hypnotherapy,  Acupressure, Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing, etc.)   


1.        Distance Healing – INR 300 or USD 5
2.        Distance Healing Using live session on Zoom/WhatsApp- INR 500 or USD 10
3.       Live in-person – INR 1000 or USD 15
4.      Home/Hospital visit (Only selectively for those who cannot move) – as above plus all-inclusive Rs 1500 (USD 50) per session for cost of transportation and time.

        All sessions are for a minimum of 20 minutes and will increase as per the requirements.    

Minimum recommended sessions –

  • Normal issues like headaches, sleeplessness, ordinary fever, and body ache, depression etc – 3 sessions (you would generally not need further treatment). Minimum recommended sessions – Three
  • Relationship issues and age-related problems -15 sessions
  • For other serious issues like cancer, possession by spirits, genetic issues 12 sessions every month to get relief.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a social service. Money is NOT a constraint for receiving Reiki attunement or healing. It is free for those who have monetary problems. Everyone may pay as per their capacity- ALL the rates mentioned above are only suggested rates. You can pay more or less as per individual capacity.