Why do Manifestations Fail?


Are you Imagining or dreaming?
There is a subtle difference between the two.
Dreams are flashes of what we can loosely term as imagery. It is some fringe thought- often unintentional and arising from our subconscious mind.

I would like to think of it more like the result of churn that takes place in our mind all the time. When we sleep, this becomes more prominent as there is no other activity we are indulging in consciously. Dreams have no connection to reality, except that it is a memory (from the past or maybe future) that flashes itself at certain time. You are not supposed to remember it, nor think of it once you get up.

In short, dreams have no meaning.

Imagination, on the other hand, can help us achieving our goals (and dreams?). It is what we see our world as. Those who see it as a bleak one – also have a bleak existence and those who imagine their world as a happy place, seem to get happiness from the smallest of things.

It is essentially an inspirational and creative way of looking at the world. 
The power of imagination is infinite; we tend to limit it by our beliefs, and make a framework for our existence and create the reality in which we operate. 

Mistake No 1 – Limiting our beliefs
The canvas before us is vast and practically unlimited. Setting boundary is a self imposed phenomenon that occurs due to social and cultural preconceptions that we grow up in – and, quite unknown to us, we carry these limitations with us throughout our lives.

You cannot help the circumstances that shaped your beliefs or the manner in which you spend your formative years, but it is important to know that if you are unable to achieve your true potential, there is a problem.

And the first step would be to break out of the comforting “subconsciously well known” zone of this framework and get creative about imagination.

Mistake No 2 – Confusion between Imagination and Manifestation

Manifestation is often confused as imagination of your reality. This is both right AND wrong.

Manifestation has THREE components –

(a) Imagination
(b) Intention and
(c) Energy.

It is NOT the first part which is important. The second, that is, the intention is much more important than the first and the third part, i.e. the ENERGY is the MOST important.

Many of us who try and practice manifestation from DIY books and from people who do not guide well, end up being disillusioned when their manifestations do not work.

All this is actually logical and sequential. First you have to imagine – and imagine it right. Then you have to make a positive intent, and follow it up with bringing energy into this intent.

And last but not the least; do not expect miracles on day one- practice regularly.
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God Bless……

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