Sending Reiki to Heal the Past

Sending Reiki to Heal the Past is something that many of us may be skeptical about. After all, how can anything in the past life have any bearing on our present? Why would anybody want to do that?

The Burdens We Carry from Our Past

Have you ever felt that certain situations occur many times in your life?

This is more apparent whenever something goes wrong. Like your love life has the same hiccups over and over again! Or you lose your job often because of similar situations!

Of course, many good things happen too. But we do not notice them. When we have good health, a great memory, top all the exams, and so forth- we take these for granted. Just reflect upon the good things that have happened without your noticing and you will see a pattern there too!

Why some of us are afraid of water while the others take to it like a fish! Or some are born skydivers, while the others are scared looking down from the third floor!

Why these patterns seem to repeat in your life?

This happens because we carry certain behavioral patterns from our past lives. The traumas and the events in our past life leave an imprint in our DNA that makes us behave in a particular manner, and gets us the same results over and over again!

Would you not like to overcome some of these behavioral patterns that seem to be holding you back?

Sending Reiki to Heal the Past can help you in achieving this.

How does Sending Reiki to Heal the Past Work?

You may wonder how is Reiki going to alter what transpired, considering that it has already happened?
While it is true that it cannot change anything but what Reiki does is that it changes your outlook on the current situation. It helps in overcoming the energetic ties that link you to the occurrences in your past lives, thus allowing you to break free and move on to achieve what you desire.
Sending Reiki to Heal the Past keeps the trauma of any negative event out of your way, paving the way for totally new experiences.

Methods of Sending Reiki to Heal the Past

Meditation and Visualization

While there are many methods of Sending Reiki to Heal the Past, the most common and the easiest method is the meditation and visualization technique taught in Reiki Level 2. This employs the use of the specific symbols along with your practice of Self Reiki.

PLR (Past Life Regression)

Past Life Regression is a method to examine our previous lives. Using Reiki along with PLR or the Past Life Regression makes it an excellent tool that is very powerful and can give instantaneous results. It clears up our energy blockages from our Karmic Body and breaks the connection of our subconscious mind from the trauma connected to those blockages.
However, Past Life Regression is like a double-edged sword. It should be learned or tried with a trained professional only to ensure that you access the karmic cycles safely without causing any harm. In the wrong hands, it can harm or might even create additional trauma in your current life.

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki is another simple and sure way in which a beginner can proceed to clear the past traumas. This can be used along with Usui Reiki or PLR too. If you want to learn Karuna Ki Reiki click HERE

A Word of Caution

While this may appear to be a simplistic solution to all your problems, Sending Reiki to Heal the Past should only be tried after proper training. This is essential because the first step of identification of the past link is the most important aspect, and it comes only with experience. Healing the situation is secondary and follows a set-piece modality thereafter.

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Dr. Prakash is a Reiki Grandmaster and holistic healer with more than 15 years of researched experience. Feel free to contact him with any issue that you need clarification on.

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