Importance of Deep Breathing for Self-Hypnosis


Deep breathing is a proven method for achieving complete relaxation. It is also the best way to start a self-hypnosis session.
Our normal breathing is generally shallow and therefore it is also rapid and confined to slight expansion and contracting the chest.
If you count your breath you will find that you are taking almost 15 to 20 breathing cycles per minute and there is hardly any movement of the chest.  Deep diaphragm breathing, on the other hand, involves movement both – the chest as well as the diaphragm (abdomen)  and is generally so slow that each cycle takes almost 15 seconds i.e. you are breathing in just 4 to 5 cycles per minute, and with practice sometimes just 2 or 3 cycles!
This type of slow and deep breathing is rhythmic and acts like a “trigger” which initiates the relaxation response within us.  This can be viewed as opposite of adrenaline triggered “flight or fight” response.
It also ensures that the lungs are supplied with more oxygen that leads to many benefits as it brings down the heartbeats leading to muscular relaxation and increased the flow of blood to the extremities.
Therefore, start self Hypnosis with a deep breathing exercise.

  • Inhale slowly through your nose and start counting in your mind as you breathe in.
  • Hold your breath for the same count.
  • Exhale slowly from your mouth for double that count or up to the count that is comfortable for you.
  • Wait for a few seconds and start all over again.

Remember that this is not a competition. Therefore, instead of focusing on how much you can endure, focus more on keeping your breathing pattern comfortable and relaxing.
If you feel uncomfortable, you must stop for some time and then continue.
Take five to seven (2 minutes) of such deep breaths as a preparation of a self-hypnosis session. This can be followed up with progressive relaxation.
Progressive Relaxation
This is a system in which you have to focus separately on the various parts of your body relaxing the muscles as you proceed progressively. This leads to a relaxation of the entire body within 5 to 7 minutes.
It is only once you are fully relaxed you can enter the realms of your astral plane and proceed with self-hypnosis.
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