Performing Reiki Distance Healing

Performing Reiki Distance Healing

Performing reiki distance healing is one of the most effective methods of treatment in the hands of a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki is a PURE DIVINE ENERGY  of creation that can be used for healing us at soul level.

Facts about Performing reiki distance healing

1.   Reiki is widely accepted as an alternative Healing Method. its use commonly starts with a desire for Self Treatment and slowly as one progresses on Tue divine path, it it’s used for others as well .
2.  Reiki is an UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL source of a very intelligent ENERGY.
3.  Though distance healing CAN be done by anyone having just the first level attunement, for best results it is preferable to take at least second level of attunement.
4.   Even if someone makes tall claims of having done reiki by showing various certifications or glib talk, NO RESULTS will be seen unless he/she has been practising regularly and has a genuinely compassionate outlook.
5.   It can also be done by various other practices but Reiki is the simplest to learn and gives fastest results.

Reiki works at an energy level, theirfore healing can be initiated for anyone, anywhere in the world.
A Reiki practitioner can direct the flow of Reiki to you. Distance healing offers similar benefits as hands-on Reiki and is convenience for those who live far away, or are in a hospital or in emergency situations.

How healing occurs while Performing reiki distance healing

In a nutshell, all forms energy healing focuses on balancing and removing the energy blocks in the major 7 Chakras of the body. Synchronisation of the individual vibratory levels of the 7 major chakras to match their natural state of vibration removes the blocks; thereby improving the overall health.

Performing reiki distance healing increases the overall energy level of the body which leads to improved blood circulation. Due to this, minor ailments like stomach upsets, fever, muscular pains, headaches, cold, etc disappear often immediately between one to three sittings. Chronic diseases and relationship issues however require longer duration healing.

Caution while Performing Reiki Distance Healing

Practicing Reiki is NOT for everyone. It is a divine tool only in the hands of those worthy of it and driven not by monetory or egoistic instincts but by a desire full of compassion.  They should be practising regularly and should have an innate desire to go out of easy in order to alleviate the sufferings of all living systems; be it human beings, plants or animals.

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