Reiki Distance Healing Procedure

Reiki Distance Healing Procedure

Some of the most intriguing questions regarding energy healing are regarding the Reiki Distance Healing Procedure.

Almost everyone who hears regarding this often wonders how it is possible to send healing to those who are not physically present near the healer?

For those who understand Reiki, know that more than a healing methodology, it is a spiritual way of life.

Reiki Distance Healing Procedure is governed mostly by the intent of the healer as well as the receiver. When there is harmony in their intent, energy transforms into healing.

Why is Reiki Distance Healing Procedure  Required?

Often, when it is impossible for the receiver to come to the healer directly due to the time and physical constraints, an accomplished Reiki practitioner can channelise this divine energy or “ki” and help people heal and recover through distance healing or “healing in absentia”.

Learning Reiki Distance Healing Procedure

If you have already been attuned to second level Reiki or more and are looking for a recap, here are the important steps:

Reiki Distance Healing Procedure Steps

Step 1.    Study how to draw the three key symbols and practice the same. For distance healing you will be invoking these symbols starting with “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”- the bridging symbol.

Step 2.    Use  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to accomplish the following:

  • Establishing connection with the distant person who seeks reiki from you
  • Send reiki energy to past events that have consequences and influence in the present or future.
  • Send reiki in the future events to set a path that the recipients follow in order to achieve the desired results at an appropriate time.
  • Merge the aura field of practitioner and receiver the of Reiki. This spiritual union is essential for effective channeling of ki.

Step 3.    The person who is receiving should make an affirmation to receive the divine universal energy.

Step 4.    Establishing connection with the recepient and grounding yourself before starting the channeling.

Step  5.    Focusing the ki, and letting it take your intent to the recepient through this connection for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step  6.  Very Important part of The Reiki Distance healing Procedure – After the reiki session is complete, is to formally disconnect and delink completely from the recepient.

For those seeking to learn or request Reiki Distance Healing Procedure, want to be trained for the Second level of Reiki Attunement or have any comments or questions, feel free to contact HERE.

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