Real Time Chakra Balancing

Real Time Chakra Balancing is a 30 minutes session in English at 6.00 pm IST

Hands-on easy and practical Chakra Basics, Visualisation and Balancing online with Dr. Prakash.

Totally FREE – No obligations, no false promises no hidden Agendas.

The event is FREE for all on 11 Dec 2018. No need to register. 

For later individual sessions please REGISTER for Real Time Chakra Balancing by Clicking HERE

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  1. Seema

    Looking forward to it

  2. Pooja

    I have had numerous time reiki healing by Prakash Sir,
    And after all the healings iv had requested.. always experienced relief and calmness. Thank you for your dedication to Universal Energy.

  3. Nomita

    Hi i am interested in it… thanks

  4. Tikuli

    One of the best Reiki masters i have come across. Compassionate, selfless and knows his gift well.

  5. Radhika

    Dear sir is most precious blessings i have in our life. Always happy to help like an divine angle with
    big smile and always make me smile.
    He is spreading his divine power selflessly.
    Very lucky to have him as our Guru..

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