Does Distance Healing Really Work?

Does Distance Healing Really Work?

One of the questions all energy healers are asked very often is – Does distance healing really work? And If so, how?

The short answers to these questions are (a) YES, it does work and (b) Nobody knows!

There are many skeptics, and their resistance to the idea of distance healing is understandable because there is no known “scientific proof” of certainty in distance healing. But, at the same time, there are cases that do show miraculous results. How do we explain them?

The Important aspects of Distance Healing

Although we cannot say with certainty about how will the Distance Healing Really work, we can empirically derive WHEN it works. There are three main aspects that go into a successful full distance healing session (and result).  These are-

  1. The Universal super-consciousness
  2. The Healer
  3. The Receiver

The universal consciousness is supreme and plays a vital role in healing. It is all about how the healer connects to this consciousness and directs the energies towards the greater good; which can be a person, place or even an event anywhere in the world.

To see positive results in a distance healing session we need all of the above to be in harmony and synchronization.

The 3 Important Phases of Distance Healing

Phase 1: The Intentions of the “healer” – The healer connects to the supreme consciousness and taps on its guidance and resources. In this state, there is literally a connection with all the prevailing “universal mind”.

The healer cannot heal unless the intention is pure, without ego and any motive other than healing.

In the materialistic society, this is one main reason that most distance healing does not work!  The healer needs to get out of the ego (self-praise and seeking praise from others) and practice religiously to reach a level that he or she is in tune with the super consciousness. This is the most important thing to make the Distance Healing really work.

Phase 2: The “Connection” Phase – We call this phase connection phase because the distant healing effects are to bridge the gap in space. The connection should be so established and should be so strong that the effects do not diminish with the distances. This too becomes a healers’ responsibility. Finally, it is his effort that brings about an effective connection during which the healing energy is effectively transmitted.

Phase 3: The Faith of the “Healee” – The faith of the healee too determines the outcome of the distance healing session. The healer should ensure that the healee is in a frame of mind to accept the universal healing energy.

About the Author: Dr.Prakash

Hi, I am Dr.Prakash. I am here to spread the word about alternative methods of healing. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. All it needs is a little understanding and faith.

Everything I write here and everything I teach in my classes is meant to empower you to lead a holistic life. To know more about any aspect of energy healing please feel free to contact me HERE

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