The Misuse of Reiki

TThe Misuse of Reikihese days’ humans have become very complicated and their desires never seem to end. It saddens me to see people misguide and “sell” Reiki by giving instant attunements, instant Reiki videos, symbols for getting wealthy, energized stones, etc etc.
Recently I came across what was described as “symbol of wealth!”
Just pause and think, can a symbol actually make you wealthy? If so, why are there poor people in this world?
Why then are such symbols not being given freely by Reiki practitioners?And a bigger question – Is their intent in the right place????While one can easily put it down to the increased capacity for consumption to make us desire to possess more and more and acquire wealth, it is a fact that the true wealth is not in worldly goods but is in your mind and your intentions.
This is why sometimes you find even the poorest of people are happy and the richest often go through a lot of physical as well as emotional trauma as far as relationships and health are concerned. This itself is a pointer to what we should actually be aiming for.
I often find inquiries as well as articles about Reiki and how it can help a person to achieve wealth. This is what I would loosely term as preying on other’s insecurities. While it is true that Reiki helps us in many ways, surely it cannot be used just for accumulating wealth!
For example, you cannot use Reiki for winning a lottery ticket.
Nor can you use it to harm your neighbor or a business competitor in any manner!
The real use would be to have an intent that is positive and for the overall good of all – the moment you think positive and have thoughts of be doing good to others the good automatically comes back to you, which translates into the fact that by doing Reiki with a positive intent you would automatically achieve what you wish to (which includes the comforts and riches).
Therefore, just focus on practicing Reiki in its true spirit; by helping others and always keeping your thought and intents positive. By doing so, if you deserve health and better prosperity, it will automatically come to you.I would urge the genuine Reiki practitioners who are reading this to encourage all those whom they attune, to move away from instant fix solutions and imbibe the true spirit of healthy intent among those who they teach. Everything else will fall into place.

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