Importance of Grounding in Reiki Healing


Grounding is a very important part of Reiki and should generally be covered in first level training.
If you think deeply, it is not just Reiki but also other forms of energy healing methods in which grounding is an essential element.
It can also be used by non-Reiki practitioners because it forms a routine in our day to day life by which we can overcome a lot of difficulties and hurdles that we face throughout our day.
Grounding in Reiki Healing assumes more importance because of one big reason and that is- it offers protection to the Reiki healer from any empathic accumulation of negative energy. It also helps you get the subtle insights during the energy healing session.
Reiki healing involves bringing about changes in the energy field by invoking its presence in the form and the place that the healer requires it to be.
While doing so, many times Reiki practitioners report a sudden loss of energy after the healing session while at the same time the person who is being healed reports
miraculous recovery.  This is a typical case in which the practitioner has not laid enough emphasis on grounding in Reiki Healing.
To know what grounding is all about you should also know how the subtle energies work since it is the key to creating reality as far as results of healing are concerned.
Importance of Grounding in Reiki Healing
A Reiki practitioner work involves opening up of the spiritual realms. This is a largely unknown territory to a common man and a person who is new to spiritual healing and hence should be practiced with care.
While giving healing you would be working on the aura of a person and would be exposed to the negative spiritual influences.
Grounding gives you the power to overcome all such influences and you would be able to heal without absorbing the client’s trauma or negative karma.
By grounding properly, you can avoid going through any pain or suffering for you while healing others.
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