Why Reiki Stopped Working?


Many Reiki Practitioners often ask me why Reiki Stopped Working for them. They encounter a phase when suddenly, for no apparent reason they feel that the flow of Reiki has stopped and they see no results.
This leads to getting disheartened and they often stop practicing Reiki.
Nothing can be more disheartening than this. I am often called upon to do the scanning to see and analyze what has gone wrong.
Remember – Reiki is a source; an unlimited supply of highest
spiritual power. It is the loving wisdom of generations. Hence there can be no limit to its benefits. Your techniques of practicing Reiki can therefore improve by understanding what has gone wrong byfollowing some simple guidelines.Top Reasons Why Reiki Stopped WorkingThe Environment – Ensure that the room where you do the Reiki treatments is clean. It should havea good circulation of fresh air. An orderly and clean room is helpful in repelling the negative energies that tend to collect around clutter.
Cleansing of room with the power symbol Chu-ko-rei is very important before and after treatment I order to from negative energies
The Client – Ensure that your client is in a receptive state of mind. This is perhaps the most important factor and hence you must put the client in a deep trance before starting any healing.
Blockages in Own Energy Flow – When there is a blockage in your own energy flow, you cannot expect to heal others. Therefore. you must do Reiki on yourself before starting on the client
Thinking Patterns – Correct your own thought pattern and always do the AOG correctly and deliberately. Also follow it up with a well thought out positive intent.
The Practice – Giving Reiki is not about healing alone but is actually a spiritual experience designed to act on the Aura. Most practitioners start focusing more on physical body. Since it passes through you, it has to affect you hence it is very important to do grounding correctly. When this is not done correctly, it creates energy blockage in yourself which not only diminishes the flow but also stop having effect on the client.

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