How Can I Use Reiki to Earn More Money?

You would have come across the question a number of times – about how to use reiki to earn more money. With increasing consumption and glitzy lifestyle patterns, the world seems to be focused on accumulating more and more wealth at any cost!

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Use Reiki to Make More Money

Many practitioners have lost their way, and what is more alarming is that many more want to learn Reiki only for this purpose!

Is it unethical to Use Reiki to earn more money?

Of course not!
You can use Reiki to make money provided that it is not the only intent.

Ethical ways to Use Reiki

One of the ways to Use Reiki to make money is the ethical one, that is, to have a practice in which you are teaching as well as healing others.

User reiki to earn more money

For this, you can fix nominal rates for teaching as well as healing. This way, you will be able to earn as per your capability and hard work. The more you work, the most successful you would be.

You can also organize and promote Reiki by having various seminars and events that facilitate learning individually or as a group. Depending upon their experience and word of mouth publicity, you would get more clients, thus giving you more earning capability.

You can also try out using social media by the way of videos as well as training modules and earn passive income.

Your earning capacity will increase more if you join an organization and make it a joint effort to reach out to more people.

All these methods have their benefits as well as challenges but generally, these will give you results as per your sincerity and hard work.

What Really Matters

The real value of your Reiki practice is not how much you earn in terms of money but how ethical it is and how many people benefit from you your knowledge and how deeply you impact their lives for the better.
Instead of being focused on how to Use Reiki to earn more money, you should strive to pass on the benefit of reiki practice to as many people as possible.
This attitude is likely to have better long-term benefits rather than just the money itself.

The Perils When we Use Reiki to Earn More Money

I have seen many of those who seek to get rich quickly from Reiki end up getting a tarnished image because of their overall focus being on money and not upon giving the benefits to others.

Reiki is not meant to make you get rich quickly but it is meant to bring meaning to your life.

When you work sincerely and are generally focused upon helping others with your guidance as well as advice you will find that the blessings from the universe come to you in return, and help you at every level of your life which includes the monetary part too.

The more authentic your practice the more will be your returns. The universe reaches out to you and helps you even more. This is a better way you can use Reiki to earn more money?

The practice of Reiki needs an enormous amount of integrity on your part. You may have certain setbacks and challenges initially, but in the long run, when you venture out on this path with a kind and altruistic intent you will end up with much more than you desire or need in your life.

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