HOW MANY  REIKI healing sessions are adequate?


This is one question that may come up in your mind; especially so when you have a chronic ailment and are paying for every session.

Here are some of my thoughts on it –

Every person has his/her own unique different problem. Some people require just one to two sessions, while the others may need several.

Chronic conditions may require repeated sessions usually 4 to 6 weeks, for a marked improvement to be seen though there will be a visible and perceivable change from day one itself. This also depends upon the Reiki healer’s capability and experience.

Initially a three day session is sufficient in ANY problem, as it will generally show miraculous results and paves the way since Reiki is a holistic method that goes into the deepest level of our being and works on the origin of the illnesses. Divine Reiki heals not the physical body but all the layers of aura and activates the body’s natural ability to remove toxins and heal itself.

Although there is no set number of Reiki healing sessions I recommend Learning self healing (Reiki level one) if the number of sessions specified by your healer is more than three.

A Reiki session brings the energy system into a balance and always heals the entirety of the mind, body and spirit.

Since the effects of healing are cumulative, the more often you receive Reiki sessions, the more balanced and healthier you would be.  You will notice improvement immediately after the first session and would feel the change. However, long-standing issues usually take three to six visits over a period of two weeks to remove the deep seated blocks in the aura; thereafter one session per fortnight is adequate till the problem gets resolved.

Reiki essentially reinforces the receiver’s ability to take charge of his/her own life, by making changes in lifestyle and attitude to promote a healthy, happy life.


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  1. Lalit Ruia

    Healing a patient aged 70 for osteoarthritis osteoporosis high cholesterol and high uric acid for about 4 months but agraravated and not curing

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