Healing Past Life with Reiki

We can use Reiki to clear the emotional baggage gathered during one’s life. When things in your life aren’t going well with similar patterns recurring, Reiki helps you removing the blockags in your energy body. Healing Past Life with Reiki helps you remove the chains that hold you back and enable you to focus on your life’s purpose, gain personal power, and take control of your life.

You can feel the flow of Reiki energy once you remove these blockages.

Use of Symbols in Healing Past Life with Reiki

Reiki symbols contain healing energy which have their innate wisdom. As we utilize these symbols, they get absorbed into our energy field and do their work. Reiki flows and does what is best for us, and we should practice it without any expectations. It acts in everyone’s best interests. Reiki symbols unlock this energy and facilitate Reiki to work its magic. Therefore you can use the Reiki symbols to heal the limiting experiences of your past incarnations.

Why is Healing Past Life with Reiki so important?

We gain experience as we advance through life. In addition, we accumulate a vast array of memories. These can be happy or unpleasant ones that have left a mark on our emotional and psychological well-being and for which we desire to seek a cure.

Negative memories impact us in diverse ways, based on our experiences and how conditioned we are to cope with challenges. Negative experiences for some people can merely be bad feelings that make us feel unsettled when we recall the event. Nevertheless, we can often recover quickly from such memories without too much damage.

Healing Past Life with Reiki
Session: Healing Past Life with Reiki

Others relate the same memories with trauma, and reliving those experiences causes pain and ruins our day. There are bad things that happen to us that we may not be aware of at the time, but they still affect how we think, feel, and act. Fears that we don’t understand are an example of this.

When is it necessary to use Reiki to heal past lives?

Here are some clues that you are being affected by your history in the present:

  • Reminiscing about past events and interactions
  • Being in a relationship with someone who has the same harmful behavioral patterns as you.
  • Referring to the past in present debates.
  • Concentrating on past disappointments while considering future possibilities.
  • Playing down or sabotaging your accomplishments on purpose
  • Witnessing situations that trigger you
  • Trying to get everyone’s acceptance.
  • Not appreciating your achievements and positive qualities
  • Feelings of fear or anxiety on a routine basis.
  • Avoiding new experiences.

How to Use Reiki to Heal Past Lives

Healing Past Lives with Reiki is a vital part of moving forward in your life, from your limitations to a point where you are engaged and hopeful about your future. It allows you to succeed in your pursuits. Coping is often the utmost level of self-care you can provide for yourself.

Moving beyond coping demands embracing the concept of healing.

Recovering from your history involves accepting that difficulties are a normal part of life and letting go of something that has been held captive in the subconscious mind for a long time. To contact Dr Prakash for a Free Healing Session click HERE

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