Feeling Hot or Cold After a Reiki Session

Hot or Cold After a Reiki Session

Why do you Feel Hot or Cold After a Reiki Session?

Receiving or giving Reiki is a unique experience for each individual. However, it is not unusual for Reiki masters and their patients to experience a variety of experiences during a treatment. You’ve found the right place if you’ve participated in a session and need to know why you’re feeling cold.
It’s perfectly normal to feel hot or cold after a Reiki session. In fact, it’s a positive indication that everything is working properly. You can engage in self-healing to relieve such symptoms, but generally, such sensations fade with time as the energy blocks in your body get cleared.

What causes these Symptoms of Warmth or Coldness?

Reiki flows where it is required and acts in your best interests. Some of you may therefore feel strange sensations of discomfort, while others may feel very relaxed and peaceful. All these sensations are inherent to the process, and you should accept them as normal.
Cold sensations are not limited to Reiki; you may also experience them during other spiritual practices. Some people are confused when they feel cold in their hands or all over their bodies all of a sudden, but it is normal to feel hot, cold, or any other sensation during or after a Reiki session.

What does Feel Hot Or Cold After A Reiki Session Indicate

During the process of sending as well as receiving, feelings of warmth or cold indicate that the healing is working. It implies that Reiki is flowing smoothly. Therefore, don’t be confused if you feel hot or cold during a Reiki session; instead, acknowledge it as an indication of healing.
A cold sensation over a specific area may also indicate the presence of an energetic blockage (Byosen). In simple terms, it means that the practitioner should focus on that area and give it more healing.

Not only during a Reiki treatment can you feel hot, cold, numb, sleepy, etc., but you can also feel these things during a Reiki attunement!
You may also have freezing hands while the receiver has burning hands, or vice versa; that is, you may have hot hands while the receiver has cold hands.

Other Things you may Feel Following a Reiki Session

Hot or Cold After a Reiki Session
  • There are no guidelines for how anyone will feel during or after a Reiki session. Cold is just one of the many sensations that Reiki practitioners as well as receivers encounter. It can be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, or it may be nothing at all!
  • Aside from the warmth or cold, you may experience a light breeze following your Reiki session.
  • You may also have more urine flow and bowel movements.
  • Many people are aware of the presence of multiple pairs of hands on their bodies.
  • Reiki can make you feel more emotional.
  • It’s also not unusual for people to feel very angry, sad, or tense after getting Reiki.

Peculiar sensations like these can also occur during the attunement process. After receiving Reiki attunement, you can sometimes develop “hot hands.” Having “hot hands” indicates that you’ve progressed to the level of a genuine practitioner.

However, the lack of hot hands doesn’t at all imply that Reiki did not work for you.

Every person’s attunement is different, and the success of Reiki can’t be summed up in a few feelings.
Finally, it is also possible that you will feel nothing. If this occurs, don’t be concerned; it’s normal to not have any spiritual experiences.
We commonly believe that if we are facing a variety of sensations, visualisations, or emotions, Reiki is working. But this is simply not the case.
Yes, having thrilling experiences helps you trust the system. However, someone who felt a variety of sensations did not, in any way, receive more or less Reiki than someone who felt differently.

Should You be Worried if you feel hot or cold after a Reiki session?

If you’ve attended a Reiki session, whether in person or remotely, you can safely assume that the universal energy is at work. Reiki works the same way for everyone.
As was already said, if you feel hot or cold after a Reiki session, it will go away over time, and different feelings are signs that energy blockages are being cleared. They will go away once the negative energies are replaced by positive energies.

Keep in mind that Reiki is totally safe and therefore does not cause harm. So there is no reason to be worried if something strange happens after a Reiki session.
If you have an experience, instead of being scared or confused, embrace it. But on the other hand, don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel anything; experiences aren’t all that important.

Recognizing the Healing Crisis

Hot or Cold After a Reiki Session

While the majority of experiences are pleasant, there is one critical phenomenon that you must be aware of: the phenomenon of healing crises. This occurs because the body is adjusting itself by eliminating toxins. This may cause symptoms such as depression to worsen after receiving Reiki. There is a need to understand that Reiki is completely safe.
The healing crisis is an important component of natural, deeper healing. Even if things appear to be going in the wrong direction, it indicates that the body is healing itself. As disturbing as it feels, you should simply allow this phase to pass.

Everyone’s Reiki experience is unique, but many of us experience some sensations. Feeling hot or cold during Reiki is normal; it is usually an indicator that Reiki is working as it should.
You should therefore not be worried if you experience cold, hot, or any other sensations. As part of a healing crisis, some of you may also experience pain, fever, headaches, discomfort, or other worsening symptoms.
All of the things that happen during or after a Reiki treatment are normal and should be taken in stride.

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