Healing Past Lives with Reiki – Part 2

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Procedure: Healing Past Lives with Reiki

During any session of Healing Past Lives with Reiki, visions from the previous incarnation are an important aspect and can be very profound. 

Importance of Symbols in Healing Past Lives with Reiki

When a student shares a past life experience, a healer should invariably send Reiki symbols to the previous incarnation event for healing and to start the release of trapped energy. Reiki teaches you that there is one divine Universal Life Force and only one immortal moment. Therefore, we send remote healing to a former life in this space and moment. 

We do not claim ignorance of that event or deny that the event ever happened. We try to heal from a past life so that we don’t have to bring the spiritual baggage from that life into this one.

How does Healing Past Lives with Reiki Help?

When we’ve healed and honored the truth from that former life, we let go of whatever baggage we are carrying from it. This is particularly true when it comes to anxieties and phobias. 

When we utilize Reiki to repair our former lives, these anxieties and phobias usually go away, leaving us to pursue our current lives without the burden of the past. 

Method of Healing Past Lives with Reiki

Healing Past Lives with Reiki

Here’s a simplified method of Reiki Transmissions to past lives. Remember to deal with each lifetime independently, and do not rush the process. It might take several sessions to see any noticeable result.

  • Sit in a meditative pose. Put your hands in the Gassho position over your heart chakra. 
  • Take three deep breaths. Visualize the Reiki healing light filling and encircling you with healing and protection. 
  • Send Reiki to the former life event that you’d like to heal. 
  • Raise your prayer hands to your third eye and visualise your previous existence in your mind’s eye. 
  • Request that Reiki deliver distance healing to this previous life for the utmost good of everybody involved. 
  • Place your hands in a comfortable posture and begin to send Reiki symbols to the former life in whatever way feels good to you. 
  • This procedure works for all Reiki traditions, regardless of the symbols used. In the case of many difficulties from previous lifetimes that need healing, you may use the appropriate symbols to which you are attuned.
  • The Reiki symbols will be guide you what to do. You will have an exact intuitive understanding of what the past life was teaching you spiritually. When you intuitively feel the transmission accomplished or at the end of your healing, thank the divine Reiki energy. 

You may find a wonderful serenity in areas of your life where you previously held stress, tension, and fear as you move forward in your daily life. When the spiritual teachings of our former lifetimes have been respected and processed, we can go on without further blockages and focus on this life.

Healing past life traumas is a great way to use Reiki, and I urge you to attempt it for yourself.

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