Centering and Grounding in Reiki

As a reiki practitioner, you would have heard of the terms “being centered” and “being grounded.” Centering and grounding are very important in Reiki.

Centering and Grounding in Reiki

While both of them are often used interchangeably, the meaning is slightly different.

You use centering generally in all meditative practices. Grounding, on the other hand, is a procedure that’s followed in energy healing methods like Reiki.

To an extent, grounding also involves centering.

Difference Between Centring and Grounding in Reiki?

The fine difference between Centring and Grounding is that when you are doing your Reiki practice it starts with centering and as we progress with the Reiki healing session, it starts with grounding. Ideally, it should also end with centering.

What exactly are Centring and Grounding?

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Being centered implies calmness of mind or “being balanced within”. 

Being grounded is akin to “being present and protected” in the body. Grounding insulates you from nonbeneficial energy.

Both these are essential for a Reiki practitioner (or any other form of energy healing practice) and are required to create a sound foundation for your daily life.

Benefits of Centring and Grounding 

Being centered and grounded will help you in every sphere of your lives. It gives you the following qualities:

  • Clarity of mind that gives you an improved ability to prioritize.
  • Ability to take correct decisions.
  • A feeling of calmness that gives better overall health.
  • An improved capability to focus, giving greater self-confidence.
  • An improved feeling of inner balance and well-being
  • Better reaction and smooth response to unexpected events.
  • Grounding insulates you from any adverse reactions arising from negative energies and shields you during reiki healing sessions with others.

Centering in Reiki

Centering and Grounding

Before you begin your self-Reiki procedure, it is important to center yourself in its preparation. There are several ways you can do so.

The easiest way is to use the traditional Reiki techniques, the Gassho, Reiji-ho, and Tanden or Hara meditation. A short spell of 15 to 20 minutes will clear your mind, increase your intuitive powers and help bring balance in your body. This would help you in your Reiki practice.

Alternatively, you can also use the other simple meditative practice like pranayama. If you are a beginner you also try a guided meditation session

Grounding follows centering and precedes the full reiki session. It is very important to ground yourself before starting a reiki healing. It forms a part of training during the first or the foundation level. It should be followed religiously since it assumes greater importance in the second level and above. 

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