Invoking the Spiritual Guides

Invoking the Spiritual Guides is fundamental to spiritual development. They not only navigate us through the unseen realms of our existence but also grant us vision and protection.

Unseen to us, these spiritual entities around communicate with us all the time.
But are we listening?

These benevolent forces are a source of strength and direction in every walk of our lives in this challenging world.

Much of your development and progress in Reiki, as well as other energy and spiritual healing practices, relies on how well we can invoke the spiritual guides and “tune in” to what they convey.

What Does Invoking the Spiritual Guides involve?

The first thing to know about Invoking the Spiritual Guides is the fact that this is a fairly natural and easy process.

While no special psychic ability is required, it does need an open mind and a lot of practice. Invoking the Spiritual Guides is a part of the attitude of gratitude training in Reiki. Reiki practitioners, as well as those into other Spiritual practices like Pranic healing, Meditation, etc, can experience this fairly easily.

Needless to say, the more you practice, the more you can get insights into the communications received from your spiritual guides.

Types of Spirit Guides

These can be in many forms such as Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Power Animals (in shamanic cultures), Devas/Deities, and most importantly, your Ancestors.

The spirits of your Ancestors will generally assist you most readily, as they are your first connection of love, and are inherently inclined to reply to any request made from their genetic bloodline.

The spirit of our ancestors are also omnipresent and protective and can be contacted readily for any guidance. This natural ancestral blessing comes most easily in the form of intuitive suggesting, as well as behavioral guidance.

Suggested Methodology for Invoking the Spiritual Guides

1. Set the Environment

Your environment should support not only the presence of these divine energies but also should be conducive to your tuning into the suggestions they offer.
Choose a clean room with no distractions or clutter, dim the lights, light a candle or incense. Place sacred pictures/objects, crystals, spiritual art, light devotional music, etc, whatever moves you into a meditative place and amplifies your intention.

2. The intention is the Key: Craft your Intentions Carefully

You must very clearly decide as to who do you want to work with, and what answers are you seeking. Your quest should be on the lines of the common good, and/or personal development.

3. Regular Practice and Patience

Like any other activity where you look forward to good results, Invoking the Spiritual Guides also needs regular practice.
You would need it much more, as this communication takes place on different dimensions. It takes time and patience, hence it does not ever set immediate expectations. Have faith, the guidance will come in its own time.

4. Meditation

Regular meditation with Pranayama, Reiki, or any other form allows the doors of your awareness to open to deeper insights.

The stillness of mind opens the spiritual gateways and makes you receptive to the whisperings of the Spiritual Guides.

5. Chanting the Sacred Sounds

Chanting aims at resonating with the sounds of the creation. It helps in amplifying your auric vibrations, aligning your energy with that of the divine, thus attuning you to the spirit you intend to invoke.

6. Grounding and Protection

Since you are inviting spirits in your realm, grounding is very important.
Do cleanse the space, and ensure that you are grounded before you start your practice.
You can also use any other method like crystal grids, pyramids, etc when following other practices.
Similarly, de-linking at the end of your session, as taught during Reiki, is equally important.

7. Let your energy Body do the Linking.

When your sacred space is created, and you get a sensation of shift, focus on your aura as it where the other dimension. This comes with practice so do not give up if this feeling is delayed. With practice, you will manage.
As you enter this space, you will meet with your spiritual guides. Do not worry if they are not the ones you invoke. Just get the communication going!

8. Seek Permission of the Spirit Guides

When you feel the presence of the spiritual guide, first seek permission to join and communicate. Thereafter, let your mind transmit your intention and seek their answer. In case there is no answer immediately, keep relaxed. Simply bask in their company in the sacred space. Sometimes the answers will come subsequently in your theta state.

9. Do not Restrict your Dimensional Frequency

Your answers can come intuitively in any form such as a vision, voice, perception, incident or thought. They may not be clear initially but with practice, it will be possible to achieve good communication while invoking the spiritual guides.

10. Be specific and ask for a Sign/Message.

This will get good results especially if you are a beginner. Remember, your spiritual guides are benevolent and compassionate. They will oblige you with a sign if you ask.
Be receptive to grasp these signs thereafter.
Do not forget to express your gratitude and give thanks! This will bring more blessings in the future.

Once you have finished, let your aura body return to the present dimension and roll back into your physical state.
Finish your session with a prayer of gratitude, become aware of the surroundings, and de-link.

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