Improving Relationships with Reiki HEALING


Forming relationships is a natural process as we progress in the journey of our life. As children, we form bonds with parents, siblings, cousins as well as other distant family members.

Later as we grow, we add to our list friends at school, teachers, and peers. Later, romantic relationships are formed when an unrelated person often become a part of our entire focus. Often, romantic relationships lead to marriage (or an effort thereof).

After marriage, we commit ourselves to our spouse and the cycle goes on as we now add new friends and family members to our circle or relationships and bindings.

As our relationships form due to various reasons; sometimes with commonality of interests, at other times common need fulfillment or desires, so too they break. Often we move on quite well as we leave behind friends and acquaintances from the past, but when it comes to immediate family, generally the spouses, it becomes very difficult to break the bonds and even more difficult to make up!

Modern way of living with rising intolerance and an attitude to pampering the self is largely to blame for this and we see many a young couples distraught and willing to move on instead of trying to make up! I see many such homes on the verge of break ups, and the figure is only rising generally because either both the partners are unwilling to compromise, or one of them simply doesn’t want to. In such cases it is better to move on.

However, when both want to make up but are not able to arrive at an easy solution, or if one wants to make up and the other is a fence sitter (will go either way- but not try anything or will not compromise), Reiki healing can be a very effective tool that can be used in nurturing meaningful relationships in our life.

Reiki healing rejuvenates the bond of positive energies and makes it much easier to let go of ego, detach your emotions from smaller things that have cropped up over a period of time and use this healing energy to strengthen the relationship.

How does Reiki work?

Any imbalances in a relationship- especially in case of immediate family members are often rooted in control issues as well as self importance and ego. The unseen bonds of energy that binds the two individuals get distressed and filled with negative emotions.

Therefore, Reiki healing should be focused on anything that physically represents the relationship; like a joint photo from the past, or an item that was shared with equal joy. This may include gifts, crystals, pictures, etc.

This helps in making a point of reference to visualize and focus more clearly the positive outcome while using the healing Reiki energy.

Remember, we attract what we focus on. Bringing a balance into energy levels and filling positive thought and intent during Reiki healing is vital for any relationship to transform peacefully.

Then draw all the Reiki symbols you are attuned to over the object, and invoke the sacred name of each symbol three times as you draw them. (If you are a Reiki 2nd Level or above practitioner you can do this). Draw Reiki energy through you and let it flow freely through your hands. Focus on the Reiki grid/Reiki Box. Empower the grid to continue Reiki healing, thereafter and seal with the power symbol.

Remember, no prayers go unanswered and Reiki is an intelligent source; hence Reiki healing will always produces positive results.

God Bless…..

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