Pranayama and its Importance in daily practice

Pranayama and Its Importance in daily practice

Pranayama means rejuvenating the “Prana” or the “vital life force” within us. It involves correcting our breathing technique through regular training.

Pranayama should ideally be practiced under the guidance of an experienced person. Any wrong technique can cause more harm than good.

These special breathing exercises affect us at the cellular level of our bodies and open up the doorways to divine intelligence. They can literally transform your organic energy levels and bring about a balanced state of mind.

A 30-minute session of Pranayama can reduce your stress and anxiety and bring down all symptoms like pain, lack of focus; sleeplessness, etc. Practicing it regularly brings about lifelong changes by making our body heal itself. You are also bound to experience greater clarity in thought.

What does the Practice of Pranayama Involve?

As most of you would have noticed, when you are stressed your breathing pattern tends to be uneven. Also, it is shallow and erratic. This is more prominent when we are faced with a difficult situation and anxious about the outcome.

Similarly, when you are angry, the breathing becomes short, uneven and at times you even start gasping for breath or stop breathing momentarily!

Such erratic and uneven breathing patterns have an adverse effect on your sympathetic nervous system and bring the body in fight or flight response mode, which is harmful when it occurs with regularity.

Importance of Pranayama in Daily Life

Pranayama techniques, when practiced correctly, reduce stress levels by affecting our mind and activating the “relaxation response”.

This results in becoming happier, more focused and still. It supports our parasympathetic nervous system in providing a more resilient and stress-free response to any stimulus that may otherwise have counter-productive effects.

Pranayama thus leads you to a state of better concentration, clearer perception, more focused and greater connection with the Prana; and ultimately help you lead a happier life.

About the Author: Dr.Prakash

Dr.Prakash is a Reiki Grandmaster, Energy Healer, and Trainer based at Pune, India. He is dedicated to spreading the word about using energy healing and assist people in leading richer, more fulfilling lives.

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