LIVE TRAINING Sessions: (5 hours Training for each level)


First Level – INR 1500

Second Level– INR 2500

HIGHER DEGREES given below are only by selection to those who have adequate motivation to help others and spread the divine knowledge.

Indicative Costs are –

Third Level (3A) – INR 3500 (Rs 2500 for those attuned earlier by me)

Masters Level (3B or 4)- INR 5000

Grand Master INR 5000**

** AVAIL SPECIAL RATE to make higher levels affordable – INR 7500 for 3, 4 & Grand
master levels (3 separate sessions two months apart)

Healing Sessions :

Rs 250 per 30-45 min session; minimum recommended 3 sessions over a week.


I do not send recorded videos, audios, etc.

ALL COURSES, as well as HEALING sessions, are in FULL VIEW online using Skype for 3 hours at a mutually fixed time. In these sessions, I will guide you thru EVERY STAGE and it will be exactly similar to the real session on one person at a time basis.

However, Online training is only as last resort if it is the only way out. It is preferred to teach in person.

PLEASE NOTE: My Skype sessions are LIVE (not recorded).

These sessions are held on camera and hence interactive just like a class, so you won’t feel any different from being right next to me.

Try out a 15-minute session for FREE. Send me your Skype ID and we can fix up a time.

On special occasions (YOUR birthday, anniversary, etc) – Avail 25 % Discount on all prices.
Fees for REIKI training, as well as Reiki healing, will be reduced or fully exempted for needy persons.
If someone is not satisfied for any reason, ALL fees will be refunded on the spot, no questions asked.
CONTACT DETAILS: ( Please Confirm dates for Bookings )

Write to me at

or Call on +91-9422310656 & +91-9325019493