Theta Healing can yield instantaneous results as it affects changes at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The speed at which it heals can be most dramatic as changes occur on the Core, Genetic, past life as well as Soul level.
It helps in clearing limiting and negative beliefs from their root cause by programming the mind. This affects our interpretations, thoughts and reactions in a way that inevitably affect our physical health emotional well being and. It thus enables us to lead a harmonious and fulfilling life. Theta healing can enable us to live to our full potential.
Negative beliefs and limiting thoughts that are stored in our subconscious mind have a profound disempowering effect on our lives. While most of us try to consciously think positive we continuously encounter patterns, experiences, and circumstances that prove to be counterproductive to our happiness and progress. This happens because of the beliefs that are stored deep into the subconscious mind create blocks that barricade you from attracting and creating what you desire.
The Theta healing technique
Theta healing involves replacing negative feelings and beliefs and programming the subconscious mind with positive ones.  It involves identifying the root cause of various types of issues and allowing the connected memories around those events to be released and healed.
These changes in belief systems can positively affect mental and emotional feelings that have a visible effect on the overall health of the physical body.
When positive beliefs and feelings replace the negative ones at the subconscious level, it can lead to a quantum physical change in life.
However, Theta Healing is only done on free will and choice; therefore it also requires a client acceptance.
A Theta healing practitioner enters a meditative state and connects with the seventh aura layer that connects to the deep-seated memories and replaces the limiting beliefs with beneficial ones.
This can be done remotely and clients can experience positive changes after just one session. However, all cases are not alike and the frequency and number of sessions would depend upon the amount of negative belief attached to your subconscious mind.
If you want to experience the positive power of Theta Healing and feel lighter and happier, book a session HERE.
You are sure to see the positive change in you and ask for more.

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