​Using Reiki to Heal Relationships

Reiki is an effective tool for nurturing and creating happy relationships in our lives.

What is a relationship? How do you define it?

In reality, Relationship is a bond of energy between a set of people. Once you recognize this fact, it is easy to understand how Reiki (the universal energy) can serve as a channel for making these bonds stronger. In absence of the flow, the bonds become weaker and there are tensions.
We can achieve amazing results by directing Reiki to pass freely between these bonds.

So what are the reasons for imbalances in any relationship?

In my practice, I have found that the maximum resistance to this flow of energy comes due to power issues. The other reasons are fear and lack of confidence, compassion as well as the feeling of self righteousness.
Therefore, identifying these areas or the reasons for imbalance is the first step as far as using Reiki for healing it is concerned. You need to focus on the action of identifying these areas.

Suggested Procedure for healing

  • Select an object which signifies the relationship. It should be something that connected the individuals concerned.  You may choose gifts exchanged earlier, the joint photographs, crystals, etc. This would help in focusing the Reiki energy as you work on it.
  • Make an affirmation and place it in the Reiki Box next to this object.
  • If you have Citrine crystals, place one in each direction of the Reiki box. You can also place pure white pearls. (But in case you do not have any, just go ahead with your further practice; it will work just as fine).
  • Create an intent and start your Reiki Healing practice on the object while at the same time, visualizing the individuals together and their energy fields merging smoothly
  • Draw the Reiki symbols over the object and let the Reiki energy flow freely. Visualize the aura of the individuals and scan it. Follow it up by cleaning the blocked areas.
  • Pass Reiki for at least 3 minutes (if possible for 7 minutes) on the merged heart chakras
  • Seal the auras with Divine Love, Healing and the power symbol and close with AOG

You will see a change taking place within a few days as the perspectives shift. The acceptance levels will increase and the most important change that would take place would be that the need to control will disappear.
Once the main cause of friction is removed, it will forge a bond of love.

As Reiki practitioners, never forget that Reiki always produces positive results, and no prayer will ever go Explain this to the persons you give Reiki at the start of the session.

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