The Truth About Manifestation of Desires

Most of us are seduced by the thought of Manifestation of Desires like good health, relationships, jobs, wealth, etc.
The concepts are generally propagated by way of the theory surrounding the Laws of Attraction. However, the way it is projected has many inaccuracies and hidden dangers.
The visualization techniques when used in unskilled manner turn out to be counterproductive and also may in fact have a downside.
Remember, we are talking of getting something from the universe. The way the manifestation is taught leaves much to be desired.
We have to stop treating our universal force as a magic genie who grants our every wish. The coherence of our thought is crucial to its success.
Most of the so called specialists are masters who mislead people into delusion. The only person who becomes wealthy is the one who teaches you!
So what is the principle that causes manifestation of desires to materialize?Manifestation is all about creating a dream and attaining it in a realistic time frame (and not overnight).
While there is a lot of knowledge existing about what manifestation can do and theory of what it takes how to go about doing it, it is not so simple in practice.
We find that despite tailoring out all the methods that have been taught we seem to be achieving almost nothing. This leads to dissatisfaction and disillusionment.
Methodology for Manifestation of DesiresWhat most of us do not realize is that despite knowing everything in theory Manifestation of Desires we etch out failure right in the start!
The starting point for Manifestation of Desires is not the dream or the knowledge about how to achieve the dream but creating blankness of thought!
Yes you heard it right – blankness of thought!
We have to start with a clean slate
Yes, that is the key to the success if you want to achieve results in Manifestation of Desires
Why Is Blankness So Important?We all carry a lot of baggage from the past. We do not even know the blocks that exist in our subconscious memories. These blocks prevent achieving even a part of the desires despite going through all the motions of Manifestation of Desires.
Therefore starting point is make your mind go to totally blank
Methodology for Manifestation of Desires

  • Attain blankness
  • Visualize your dream
  • Substitute negative environment if any
  • Visualize success

Manifestation of Desires is something that you should never do without proper guidance. For best results with one to one guided session on Skype contact me HERE.

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