Using Reiki for love


Using Reiki for love and achievement of goal is one of the most important reasons that people want to know details of learning Reiki.
While it is true that we can use Reiki for attaining all our objectives related to love and achievement of goals, it is not true that it can be done in a quick-fix or in any short cut method.
This is so because there is no magical key or the symbol that can achieve a specific desire overnight.  Traditional Reiki had only four symbols which were used for purposes that were nobler.  They aimed at increasing love, peace and harmony in the environment.  And so they are bound to work.
However it is a materialistic world now.  With more emphasis on satisfying needs of self consumption, we find more emphasis on making money and gains, with the result that there is an increased intolerance in the world and a definite deterioration of relationships too.
Therefore, for those  seeking to learn using Reiki for love and achievement of goal there is only one formula – practice Reiki sincerely for a number of days,  make it a part of your life and only then will you see the changes  taking place around you.
A Reiki master with a noble heart can do it on your behalf too, but you need to ask for Reiki and affirm as guided by the master.
Remember there are no shortcuts, magical symbols, formulae or charms.  Only a change from within can bring about positive results.
Methods of Using Reiki for love and achievement of goal
If you really want to bring in positive changes in your life practice regularly and follow the following principles –

  • Make very positive affirmations – give a deliberate thought and be positive.
  • Think of overall good – only when you let go small things in life and think of overall good of everyone in the environment around you, can you think of any improvement in relationships.
  • Learn to manifest – manifestation is a very powerful technique that can get you what you want and bring all make all your desires come true.  For learning manifestation you can contact me HERE.


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