Past Life Regression-Unfolding your True Potential

PLRH or Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy has a major role to play in finding out the blocks hindering your development.
It helps the therapist to gain knowledge inferred from within the layers of memories connected with your past lives.
The process involves putting you in a state of deep relaxation that unfolds the restraining thoughts. It helps in gaining the insight and helps in understanding and potentially resolving the physical, emotional or spiritual challenges.

Benefits of Past Life Regression for Unfolding your True Potential

  • Helps you in developing your true potential
  • Unleashes hidden talents
  • Creates self-confidence and self-love
  • Unveils your life’s purpose giving a sense of direction.
  • Helps you overcome your phobias

A session of Past Life Regression will make you feel a higher degree of inner peace, and self-acceptance. This would help you in unfolding your true potential.
Past Life Regression for Unfolding your True Potential  transcends  all religious dogmas. Hence it is beneficial whatever be your religion and spiritual beliefs.

Description of the Session

It is but natural for you to wonder what a Past Life Regression for Unfolding your True Potential would be like.
A hypnotic session can last from 45 minutes to as long as two hours!
Before that, you would need to spend some time with me which would involve questions about your life, fears, phobias, goals, expectations from PLRH, etc.
Thereafter we will be creating a focus on intentions followed by putting you in a semi-sleep state. This is designed to study the recurring patterns and identify the one that may be causing the current blockages thus creating problems in your personality.
Your subconscious mind will be tuned to latch on to similar potentially damaging memories of the past selectively revealing the exact nature of the problem.
I will thereafter unlock it with the most appropriate and healing method for your current situation.

Can the Past Life Regression for Unfolding your True Potential done online?

Of course, it can be done online and is equally effective when done with a holistically inclined therapist who can tap into your subconscious mind.

How many sessions does one need?

Depending upon the response (after all, it is like finding a needle in the haystack) it may take three to seven sessions.

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