Mastering the Flow of Reiki

mastering the flow of reiki
mastering the flow of reiki
Reiki is characterized by the flow of energy in its purest form.
For Reiki to have a lasting effect, it is Mastering the flow of Reiki is very important.
During healing session as well as attunement, many of us can feel the Reiki flow as it passes from the master or the healer to us.
But sometimes it so happens that despite trying everything we are not able to feel the flow.
Why Does This Happen?No Reiki master talks of honing this skill at the time of attunement. All you know is that they do something while you sit with your eyes closed.
Not that they are doing anything wrong; this is the way attunement is given. But the subtle fact is that they are supposed to tell you how exactly you should practice mastering the flow of Reiki
In short, what techniques do you practice in order to harness flow of Reiki.
Firstly, it is important to understand that there is nothing wrong if you do not feel the flow of Reiki.
This happens to almost 50% of the pupils simply because it depends upon how you are in tune with your body and mind at the time of receiving the attunement.
It is the duty of the Reiki master to ensure that they bring a harmony between the mind-body connections.
Mastering the Flow of ReikiOne of the main reasons for not being able to experience the flow of Reiki is the fact that some of us have heard so much about it that they become over anxious.
They start expecting something non tangible; a figment of their imagination based on hearsay. Again, it is the duty of the Reiki Master to bring a balance between expectations and facts. Unfortunately, what happens is quite the contrary!
They tend to say so much about their powers and experiences that it almost becomes a boast, which is so unfair. It actually amounts to nothing short of hard sell.
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