The Essence of Hara Breathing

Hara breathing girlOf all the things that we need for survival, breathing is the most important. Breath is also referred to as “Prana” or the soul. This write-up on the Essence of Hara Breathing is all about bringing a balance to your life.


For maintaining good health, it is important to breathe correctly.

This is a deep breathing exercise that will –

  • Help you to become centered. 
  • Make your mind calm and clear. 
  • Assist you to restore your energy and good health.

Why is Hara Breathing Required?

The Essence of Hara BreathingUnfortunately, most of us do not breathe the way we should. If you observe, you will notice that almost everyone around you has a very shallow breath. 

They are all breathing from their chests instead of the belly. This results in an incorrect and insufficient flow of energy. This gives rise to many health issues in your body. 

Remember, impaired breathing leads to distorted thoughts! 

It plays up not only in physical terms but also at the mental and emotional levels.

With Hara Breathing you can correct all this. Not only that, but it is also a prelude to any meditative practice. I routinely start my Reiki practice after doing Hara breathing. It brings focus and clarity to the mind.

Steps involved: The Essence of Hara Breathing

  • Get into a sitting position and close your eyes. Keep the spine straight.The Essence of Hara Breathing
  • Bring your attention to the body. 
  • Take three deep breaths to warm up.
  • Focus on the area two fingers below the belly button.
  • Next, place the tip of the tongue on the palate (roof of the mouth) and breathe in through the nose. Hold your breath as long as you can do comfortably.
  • Remove the tongue from the palate and start exhaling slowly through your mouth.
  • Practice inhaling and exhaling for a few times. Remember – Inhale from your nose, with the tongue touching the palate (roof of the mouth), and remove the tongue, then exhale from your mouth.
  • Hara Breathing – Now you’re ready for Hara breathing or the belly breathing. The Essence of Hara Breathing lies in the technique you adopt for belly breathing. To do this you should consciously utilize the abdomen muscles to expand and contract along with the chest. while breathing just like you can feel your chest expand and contract while breathing. This makes the Qi (power) flow smoothly in your body.
  • Practice this three times – breath through the belly, inhaling from your nose with the tongue touching the palate and exhaling from your mouth with the tongue removed from the roof of the mouth.
  • The final step for Hara breathing- Remember the hara point two fingers beneath the navel. As you breathe in from your belly, imagine a ray of golden particles entering along with air as you through your nose. Further, visualize this going down and touching the Hara point. While holding your breath, imagine these golden particles flowing through the entire body, bringing fresh energy and detoxifying all the parts. Now exhale visualize your breath, taking away the bad Qi (toxins).
  • Do this three times to get immediate results of energizing your body and freshening up your mind.

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