Money Recovery and Money Flow Using Reiki

Money recovery and money flow

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you’ve experienced the problem of Money Recovery and Money Flow from friends and business partners. Take solace- you are not alone!
Almost everybody has been through such a situation when they have given money to a friend or relative in good faith, which they just do not want to return. Money Recovery causes bitterness and at times even severance of decades-long relationships eventually.

While it is easy to let go of a small amount, but when it involves large sums of your hard-earned money, chances are that it causes you a lot of anxiety whenever you think of it.

How to cope when it involves is a sizable amount?
How do we ensure that the person who owes you money, gives it back?

Here are some ways you can try, using energy healing and clearing practices like Reiki, Vastu, etc; and at times even Tantra or occult for Money Recovery.
These can be accomplished by anyone, even those not trained in any of these modalities.

The Money Recovery Kit uses either or all of the following methods –

  1. Reiki Box
  2. Placing Mahalaxmi Yantra for wealth
  3. Bach Flower Remedies
  4. Vastu placement changes (if applicable)
  5. Using Vasudha Symbol in Kruna Reiki
  6. Energy Circles with Switch Words and Symbols.

Here we will discuss two basic methods of money recovery.

Money Flow using Reiki – If you’ve been trained to do Reiki OR can find a practitioner nearby, then you can adopt this method which happens to be the best and most rewarding of all money recovery methods.

Starting Money Flow using the Energy Circles– Using Energy Circles with Switch Words and Symbols are the easiest of all methods as it doesn’t require any special training. Hence anyone can do this.

Start Money Recovery and Money Flow using Reiki

Before coming to the subject, remember, if you’ve not been trained for level 2 or above of Reiki you can request HERE for energizing the Reiki Box.

Now go ahead and make a “Reiki box”. Alternatively, you can also use an empty quarter plate.
Take a sheet of paper, and draw the power symbol “Chu-Ko-Rei” on four sides and Midas Star in the center.
Below this symbol write the intent i.e. “to start the flow of all my all money owed FROM (write the name of person or business that owes you).”

Making the Reiki Box

Take the Reiki Box and make it ready by doing the following-
Draw CKR on all the sides of the box
Place your picture or business card or anything that symbolizes your business in the center.
Place on it an unfolded single banknote of large currency
Take a sheet of plain paper and draw in your hand the affirmation slip using Midas Star as shown below –

Affirmation Slip For Reiki Box

Fold this sheet of paper with Midas Symbol and place it on this paper currency.
Place a Green Aventurine or Citrine on top. In case you do not have these, you can also use a white pearl or clear crystal quartz.

Note: If you are a Reiki practitioner and have been given a special box by your Reiki master you can use that instead of a plate but most Reiki masters don’t give it, so the plate will do just fine.

The Daily Practice

After this, you have to do your Money Recovery practice daily for 7 days or so as under –
Before starting, place this Reiki box in front of you then finish your normal full Reiki session, and before the AOG say “I am now going to give Reiki and seek the divine blessings thru the symbol Midas. May it bring common good to all and abundance and prosperity to (your business) AND start the flow of my dues in FROM (write the name of person or business that owes you).”
Thereafter proceed to do Reiki on this Reiki box. Point you both hands towards it and visualize your business or interest or clinic or home or you getting the healing energy, removing blockages to the flow AND the person giving back your money.
Draw the symbol Midas three to seven times pointing at this visual and every time you draw you say Midas, Midas, Midas three times. In the end, visualize your interest as becoming bright in the light of Reiki with Midas symbol on it and a flow of abundance (or money – focus on the paper money increasing) and money coming in.

What After Concluding the Money Recovery and Money Flow Practice?

After doing this practice please place the box or plate in your prayer room or any room where it will not be disturbed.
You will be using it again for the next seven days in continuation. Thereafter, you may do it whenever you want (or are guided during your normal practice).
After the seventh day, you may remove the Reiki box and make it new whenever required later or you may continue keeping it and use it whenever required. The money that you kept in it should be kept in the prayer room or safely somewhere (and not be used for spending)
I hope you could get the general procedure. As a hint I would recommend starting from Monday to Sunday it would be easier to keep track of days… Please feel free to write to me in case of any clarification or misunderstanding.

Starting Money Recovery and Money Flow using the Energy Circles

Make energy circle as follows-
On a sheet of paper make two concentric circles with a thick pen or marker.
In the inner circle write the name of the person/business that owes you money on top and your name below. In the outer circle write these switch words- TOGETHER – CLEAR – GIVE- CHANGE- COUNT – NOW

Energy Circle

Make this Or take a printout (and write names in the inner circle)
Place this money flow energy circle on a wall so that you can see it regularly as much as possible.
Generally, you can combine the two methods for better results.
For more information and guidance please write down your query giving details in the form HERE
God Bless

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