(This After Midas Attunement Procedure is Purely for those who have been attuned by me. For Pranic healers and energy healers the instructions are given HERE).

Thank you for being with me during the attunement of the Divine Symbol Midas. It was a procedure well received and I congratulate you for this. Now you may want to know how to use it After Midas Attunement.

There is no single procedure by which the Reiki symbols are used and they vary from how the Reiki masters teach and also, more importantly, every person who practices regularly would receive guidance from the spiritual guides and modify/evolve their own method.

After Midas Attunement.

As a start point, you can practice in the following manner – Decide if you wish to practice it as a continuation of your daily practice of Reiki or would you like to do it separately as a special session. In both cases, you should preferably set the morning time aside for this.

  1. First, make a “Reiki box”. For this take a sheet of paper, draw the power symbol “Chu-Ko-Rei”  on four sides and Midas in the center.
  2. Below this symbol write the intent ie… the affirmation like ” to bring peace and abundance to all and prosperity in my business/interest (write the name of business or company like in your case it could be medical practice). Fold the paper and place it on a clean empty plate that has an unfolded paper money in the center.
  3. Below this paper place your business card or anything that symbolizes your business. It can also be a white pearl or clear quartz crystal.  If you have been given a special box by your Reiki master you can use that instead of a plate but most Reiki masters don’t give it, so the plate will do just fine.

So after this, you have to do your practice either in continuation to your normal daily practice or as a separate one.

After Midas Attunement Procedure in Continuation of Regular Reiki Practice – 
  • Before starting,  place this Reiki box in front of you then finish your normal full Reiki session and before the AOG say “I am now going to give Reiki to my business (say the name – in your case maybe clinic name) and seek the divine blessings thru the symbol Midas. May it bring common good to all and abundance and prosperity to (your business) “
  • Thereafter proceed to do Reiki on this Reiki box. Point you both hands towards it and visualize your business or interest or clinic or home or you yourself doing treatment/healing…
  • Draw the symbol Midas three to seven times pointing at this visual and every time you draw you say Midas, Midas, Midas three times. In the end, visualize your interest as becoming bright in the light of Reiki with Midas symbol on it and a flow of abundance (or money – focus on the paper money increasing).
  • Stay with this… then give power symbol to this Reiki box three times and get back to your normal practice where you would now be closing by AOG and prayer.
  • In the prayer before and after your session you have to include this Midas attunement too like – “I am now going to do a Reiki practice for … AND also seek divine blessings and abundance for my clinic”
After Midas Attunement Midas prosperity Procedure while Doing Reiki Separately –
  • You SHOULD have done your full session earlier.. and can do Midas any time during the day. Just include the same procedure as above keeping the sequence “Preparation of box – affirmation- AOG – prayer- MIDAS- AOG – Prayer – close the session”.
  • After doing this please place the box or plate in your prayer room or any room where it will not be disturbed.
  • You will be using it again for the next seven days in continuation. Thereafter you may do it whenever you want (or are guided during your normal practice).
  • After the seventh day you may remove the Reiki box and make new whenever required later or you may continue keeping it and use whenever required. The money that you kept in it should be kept in the prayer room or safely somewhere (and not be used for spending)

I hope you could get the general procedure. As a hint I would recommend starting from Monday to Sunday it would be easier to keep track of days… Please feel free to write to me in case of any clarification or misunderstanding. Wish you happiness always.

God Bless


  • Anilkumar Chandrasekharan says:

    It was a fantastic and marvelous experience of divine power and the Grand Master’s attunement power, which poured from the heavens upon my all Chakras.
    I never thought the distant attunement will give you such authenticity and reality.
    It’s purely His blessings.
    Thank you Grand Master Dr. Prakash Sir for your kindness and divinity.
    God bless you and all with abundance and prosperity.

  • Bridgette says:

    A wonderful warm experience of spirit and connection during my Midas star attunement with Dr Prakash , I need not have felt nervous of going on video call as I usually do , as he put me at ease straight away and instructions were clear and easy to follow. Thankyou so much for providing this service so generously

  • Kirandeep says:

    It was it was amazing experience of divine power attunment.

    I never felt reiki power before.

    Thank you Dr.Parkash for your kindness.

  • Babita Sanjay Chawhan says:

    It was amazing experience of divine power attunment.Thank you so much sir.

  • writeous says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Intentionally/infinitely/eternally/NOW, to you Dr. Prakash and all involved.

  • learn reiki says:

    I’ve been surfing online more than three hours today, yet
    I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s
    pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all site
    owners and bloggers made good content as you did,
    the web will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  • Dhiren Vij says:

    Had the pleasure this morning getting attuned by Dr Prakash on Skype. It was magical. He is not only a great teacher but also very kind and humble person. I am impressed with the information on website he has provided. Once again thank you Dr. Prakash for the attunement and keep up the good work you are doing for humanity.

  • Minu Shaji says:

    It was indeed a heavenly experience during the entire attunement session. Thanking you Sir for the attunement

  • Shelley says:

    So grateful for my attunement. I could feel the energy. Thank you so much for doing my attunement. You are doing great work may you continue to be blessed. Thanks Dr Prakash

  • Katy says:

    Thank you for the Divine experience of being attuned to Midas Star. Dr. Prakash is professional and a blessing to humanity. If you are here reading this than be assured that it’s time to be attuned to the Midas Star. Infinite blessings!

    • Dr Prakash says:

      Thank you Katy. Nothing gives a Reiki Master more pleasure than a sincere person to pass on this beautiful gift to mankind. It was a pleasure to do the attunement session with you. Thank you for your generosity.
      God Bless

  • Aisling Byrne says:

    Thank you sooo much for the wonderful gift of being attuned to the midas Star , such a beautiful, gentle yet powerful experience & am honoured you freely & openly gave me this gift.
    You are a beautiful soul & grateful that I came across you, completely by accident too– Divine Timing 😇
    Love & Light to you

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