Attitude of Gratitude (AOG)

What is AOG?

AOG is a short form of Attitude of Gratitude, a practice we incorporate before commencing the 24 points of healing. This holds true for the training of Reiki level one, albeit with potential variations.

How do we express the Attitude of Gratitude (AOG)

To delve into how we convey the Attitude of Gratitude (AOG), we articulate it through the subsequent lines:

Expressing AOG entails uttering sentiments like:

Firstly, I express my gratitude to the O Positive Reiki Healing Energy enveloping me.
Next, my heartfelt thanks extend to Dr. Mikao Usui for illuminating the path of Reiki.
Additionally, I acknowledge and appreciate my Guru (his/her name) for imparting the Reiki methodology.
Moreover, sincere gratitude flows towards Dr. Prakash for attuning me to the Divine Midas Star (a practice inherent to Midas Star).
Furthermore, I extend my thanks to my father, mother, and ancestors, whose influence has shaped my present self.
In addition, I express my deep gratitude to the divine entities – God, Goddesses, Holy Souls, and Divine Angels.
Equally important, I acknowledge the presence and guidance of my spiritual guides and masters.

Following the Attitude of Gratitude (AOG), we say a prayer resembling the one below:

Prayer after Attitude of Gratitude (AOG)

Please be with me during this procedure of …..(Reiki)… Which I am doing for … (myself/name or relationship of person whom you do it for)…
Please be with me, help me, guide me in this so that I can bring …. (good health/removal of blockage/heal eg arthritis… Etc etc whatever the issue is)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Hope it is clear. 

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