How to Seek Guidance from our Spiritual Guides


Believe it or not, we all have our own spiritual guides who take us through our life from the beginning to its end. Listening to them and following their advice at a time when you are at any crossroad of life is the best favors that you can do to yourself.

Why some of us do not feel them is because we do not stop by to listen.  When we talk of the terms like intuition, consciousness, higher self or Angels we are actually referring to these guides.

One of the reasons why most do not ask the guides for guidance is because we feel that they have guided us wrongly at some point or the other.  By this, I mean that maybe you feel that at some point in your life, your intuition has lead you to a wrong juncture.

Or so you feel.

Therefore, the first thing that one has to understand is to have faith.
If you have been feeling let down at sometime then try to look at it as a way which probably was the best for you. After all, how do you know what is in store in the future!

So how does one go about seeking guidance from your spiritual guides? One such method is to follow these steps –

  • Start believing and let go of your doubting belief systems that are in place.
  • Go into a deep meditative state or “Yoga Nitra” and invoke your guide. It could be in the form of bright light with a face to it or someone you know or a deity you worship (the important thing to remember is that you have to visualize this guide every time you want to seek the guidance).
  • Give your guide a name; something by which you would address him/her.
  • Ask your guide the question that you want it has to be ONLY ONE question in that session (you can think of it before getting into the meditative state so that it comes easily)
  • Look at the image of your guide and after asking the question; say “Please give me the answer and the solution at the appropriate time”.
  • Take the blessings of your guide and let the image fade away slowly.
  • Continue into meditative state for some time and slowly get up thereafter.

That is it.
You will get your answers when the appropriate time comes; have full faith and follow this routine regularly for some days.

In case of any doubt about the procedure or wish to learn Yoga Nidra you may contact me on or write to me in the form HERE

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