Vasudha Symbol in Karuna Reiki

Vasudha Symbol in Karuna Reiki

As you would notice, Vasudha, the symbol of Karuna Reiki has been loosely derived from the “Swastika” which is an ancient religious icon across all the cultures of Eurasia. It was used as a symbol of divinity in Indian religions; and a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck in the Western world. 

Its usage has been seen across all cultures and earliest evidence of its use date back to the year 3000 BC.

The geometric pattern of Vasudha symbolizes symmetry, continuity, spirituality and balance.

Importance of Vasudha Symbol in Karuna Reiki
  • Vasudha Symbol in Karuna Reiki is Equivalent of Midas Star.
  • It is a Symbol of manifesting prosperity.
  • It is also used for spiritual upliftment.
  • Helps in the attainment of growth in personal life and Prosperity in financial life.
  • Invokes Lord Ganesha (one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu tradition, Ganesha is revered as the god of beginnings and remover of all obstacles)
Drawing of Vasudha Symbol
  • Drawn as a modified version of Swastika
  • All strokes are made in a clockwise direction (flow of energy).
  • The spirals inside are to be drawn clockwise (from outside to inside).
Two Methods to Manifest using this symbol
1.         Magic Money Mantra Slip

Draw this symbol in red/yellow color on a new sheet of paper in the center of the sheet.
Draw the symbol Zonar on four sides
Place a high-value currency note on this symbol and fold the sheet keeping the symbol in the center.
Charge this folded sheet by Reiki, as taught.
Set your intent to attaining financial freedom and prosperity and keep it in your wallet or a safe.
You can also draw this symbol on your main house entrance (this is optional)

2.       Magic Money Reiki box

Take a small jewelry box, preferably made of Silver.
Decorate this by drawing Vasudha on its lid using vermillion and sandalwood paste.
Create an intention slip as given above.
Place it in the Magic Moneybox and charge it.
Place it in your safe or prayer room. 
Place a clear quartz crystal Pyramid next to it (not mandatory) on the right side.

Most important – Regular practice during self-healing by drawing this symbol on your Third Eye chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, and Root chakra for 21 days continuously will start showing the results and starts the flow of prosperity in your life.

Importance of Attunement

For best results, attunement from a qualified and sincere Karuna Reiki practitioner is a must in order to bring positive results. Incorrect initiation is likely to cause more harm than good.

For FREE attunement please contact HERE. Attunement procedure will be one to one using skype/facebook video call for 20 minutes duration, in the English language.

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