Listen to the Inner Voice

Listen to the Inner Voice

We all generally know about it, but how often do we actually listen to the Inner Voice?

Almost 95% of all our brain activity takes place at a subconscious level.  The 5% of the activity which we are normally aware of relates to our cognitive ability. It is the part that comes into play while taking decisions and actions that control our behavior. Beyond this, the 95% data is processed in our subconscious mind.

Most of our decision making is based upon informed choices from the evidence and data available to us. 

Hence we often experience that feeling of uncertainty when it comes to taking important decisions in our lives. 

All our actions normally are a result of the decisions based upon information that we receive through all our six senses. This is processed by our conscious mind. 

At the same time, there is something else going on in our body. The subconscious mind picks up signals from the surroundings and processes it at lightning speed and giving us intuitive guidance.

When something alerts our subconscious mind, the symptoms show up as fear, hesitation, indecisiveness, inactivity, or disease in our body. 

At times you listen to the Inner Voice at strangest of times. It may be while you are lying down thoughtlessly and this inner guidance comes out of the blue.

It is almost automatic, instinctive and mysterious to us, and quite often we overlook it and move on with our lives. But at hindsight, sometimes such haunches come true and make us wonder what is it all about?

This is especially so when it beats all logic and reason overlooking all cognitive data.

Why don’t we Listen to the Inner Voice?

This Primal voice or the instinct comes from our consciousness that has its own compass when it comes to protecting you from coming to any harm. 

Quite often we hear stories about people who do not board flights or trains at the last moment and are saved from a disaster when such accidents take place. 

While the others too would have had some haunch or the gut feeling about the impending journey but they may simply not have listened to the instinct. Simply because it appeared to beat all logic!

We do not like such thoughts and like to do what we do; pretending to be brave with a modern outlook which is solely based upon evidence and data. 

Why should we listen to the Inner Voice?

When we listen to the Inner Voice and pay attention to our instincts can lead to a better and more fulfilling life, provided you know how to seek answers and distinguish a false haunch from an instinct or inner voice.

Following the inner voice leads to the path that is the best for you.  When you tune in to your innate wisdom, it helps you make better decisions and achieve success following a more fulfilling life.

It is possible to use this to the best of our advantage. Training yourself to listen to the Inner Voice and receive guidance can be a very useful tool to come to decisions that are complicated or seemingly elude answers.

How to train to listen to the Inner Voice

You can easily learn to seek answers to complicated situations if you train to listen to the Inner Voice. It is simply like training a new set of muscles.

It does not happen overnight, but making a consistent effort will pave the way to making better choices in life.

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