Living Peacefully in Solitude

Living Peacefully in Solitude

Living Peacefully in Solitude has many benefits. Normally we associate the practice of Living Peacefully in Solitude as something that only the great Rishis and those seeking enlightenment experience from total withdrawal from the real world by choosing to stay far away alone up in the mountains or deep in the forest. 

Although we are surrounded by people and events in our normal daily lives, at times we also experience solitude.

In real terms, Living Peacefully in Solitude does not come from total withdrawal. It comes from the stability of the mind. Do not let the surroundings – the people or the events affect you.

It is also the stability that is achieved by withdrawing from our past, worries about our future as well as the excitement, joys, and sorrows of the present.

We keep our senses intact and also do not lose our mindfulness as well as the perception of the events of the world. Living Peacefully in Solitude simply means that we withdraw from the moment and take refuge in the beautiful universe within us. Discovering the self by cutting down the clutter leads to achieving the serenity that we all seek.

Solitude and Meditation

Solitude and Meditation are interrelated. It is necessary to create a situation of solitude before any meditation. However, every time you are in solitude you need not go into meditation

Facts about Living Peacefully in Solitude
  • Solitude leads to self-discovery. Hence enjoy it.
  • Being alone is a scary thought for most of us. We are do used to social media and other distractions like television and radio.
  • It is good to give yourself time to contemplate and “be in the moment”.
  • Solitude is the prelude to the practice of Antar-Mauna – the ancient yogic practice of quieting the mind.

Mindful breathing is the key to Living Peacefully in Solitude – Returning to mindfulness helps us get into the self-created serene island of solitude within ourselves.

Once we practice Living Peacefully in Solitude regularly, it becomes a part of us. A stage comes when you are able to create a universe of your own in such a manner that even when there are people around us, you become impervious to any stimuli and are capable of smiling and breathing in peace, living in the island within yourself.

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