reiki attunement process
Reiki Attunement Process

As per the classic definition, Reiki attunement is an act of producing harmony or making anything harmonious. Reiki Attunement enhances awareness and brings all the senses to a heightened level where the perceptive powers increase manifold.

Reiki Attunement is the first step of initiation to the practice of Reiki and is the most significant aspect of Reiki that links you to more powerful and subtle levels of Universal energy. It is a sort of mystical process which involves opening a channel for unrestricted flow of energy.

Although we all have this inherent healing energy, the attunement process clears the blockages and magnifies the perceptions, making us more sensitive to its flow. Attunement enables you to connect more easily to the Divine Source, thus enabling a flow of more energy through you. The process of attunement is like a spark of divinity that a master implants in the student’s energy body during a sacred ceremony. It creates an exceptional bond and connects the student to the entire linage going back to the Reiki Source.

Each attunement involves cleansing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The release of toxins gives a mixed feeling and you let go of the emotions and belief patterns that are no longer beneficial.

The First Level attunements focus on the physical body, while the Second Level attunements are focus on the etheric or energy body. The second level of attunement stimulates your intuitive power which resides in the Pituitary gland. Therefore the Second Level Reiki attunement enables the practitioners to work at the intuitive level.

The Master attunement (at level III) further expands your Reiki abilities by the guidance from your higher self, the Master, and your spiritual guides. It merges the knowledge of the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical forms to serve a specific higher purpose.

Can We Practice Without Reiki Attunement?

While there are schools of thought that argue that there is no need for Attunement for practising Reiki. They often cite that even Mikao Usui did not receive any attunements. While it may be true, but they forget that Mikao Usui got enlightenment after a full 21-day meditation without any deviation of any sort! Are we able to do that in today’s world? Besides this, Mikao Usui himself did once he started his Reiki Healing Centre.
Besides this, what is the harm of taking an attunement from a master? It can only benefit For me, it is impossible to practice Reiki confidently and with accomplishment without the attunement. It is a process of creating energy patterns around the student, for attuning them to the Universal energy of life. One would not be able to get these symbols in as it passes the divine spark from the source itself!
Therefore, while you can practise Reiki without the attunement from a Reiki Master, the ability to pass it on formally during the attunement ceremony by a Reiki Master is very much preferable.

Are there any Side Effects of Reiki Attunement?

Our physical body and the subtle energy bodies are all co-related. A vibrational shift in the physical body affects the subtle energy body too. So is the case with our energy bodies. Any change in their vibrations affects the physical body.

Reiki Attunement is a complex process that transforms our mind, body, and soul. Since everyone has their unique energy fields, every person reacts differently to the attunement process.

The first attunement is often a start point which we can call as the “Cleansing Period.” During this phase, the body tries to rid of the accumulated toxins and brings about positive shifts in your life.

The Level 2 Reiki attunement generally starts the “emotional cleansing” phase. We all have something or the other on our emotional plane, which begins to surface, and may bring awareness by the way of feeling of happiness, sadness, grief, or other such emotion. The most common side effects are happiness, feeling light, tears rolling, and generally “feeling good” after the attunement.

Remember, it is all part of the process and indicates that a clearer, unhindered flow of Reiki is in place. There are no negative effects that last too long.

How to Reduce the Negative Effect

Following certain precautions as given below decreases the chances of the negative after-effects of attunement.

  • Avoiding meat and alcohol for a week or so before the attunement. It is preferable to become a Vegan during this period.
  • Be out in nature and do regular exercises.
  • Practice meditation or Pranayama regularly at least a week before the attunement.
  • Practice Reiki regularly for 21 to 30 days without a break, before being attuned to the next level of Reiki.

Benefits Of Reiki Attunement

Attunement enables a spiritual transformation to take place and you experience a more powerful connection to the higher source with which you can obtain better results in healing as well as other spheres of life.
Attunement makes you more perceptive to the energy levels and opens up your psychic abilities. You can intuitively receive psychic messages from your spiritual guides. The more you practice, the more your abilities increase. Therefore do not be skeptical. If you want to progress on this divine path, then it is good to be Attuned !!!

Attunements are thus the most amazing part of your Reiki Journey. The Second Level Attunement will enable you to send Reiki distantly, using the symbols. The Master Level Attunement will enable you to send Reiki just by intention!

You will discover that miracles start occurring in your life after the Master Attunement!

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