Happiness and Good Health

Happiness and Good Health

How to Choose Happiness and Good Health?

Happiness and Good Health go hand in hand. Happiness can be described as experiencing feelings of joy, satisfaction, and contentment.

Everyone feels these emotions at some time out the other, but the quantum and duration of such happy moments differ from person to person.

Some people are mostly unhappy, while others are generally happy all the time.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher said more than 2,000 years ago that – “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim, and end of human existence.”

Happiness (or unhappiness) is a state of mind. It is the outcome of how we handle our emotions arising from discontentment, health issues, desires, failures, etc.

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Does unhappiness lead to ill health?

We all know the answer, don’t we? Just as happiness and good health go hand in hand, unhappiness is bound to lead to ill health.

Depression is the single biggest outcome of being unhappy. If we are depressed over a prolonged period, it definitely plays up with our health at many levels.

Conversely being happy leads to good health. As a corollary to this, good health also leads to happiness.

When you look around you will find that most happy people have one common factor and that is good health and radiant outlook to life. They are always smiling, laughing, joking, eating and playing around and seem to overcome even the ups and downs of life in a jovial manner.

This does not mean that happy people do not have health issues or insecurities. They do have it all, but it is how they handle it which makes all the difference.

Unhappy people not only lead a depression-prone life full of ill health but also bring the same in the life of others around them! Their mere presence seems to bring the overall happiness factor down in the environment they live in.

Good health and Happiness are co-linked. Being happy doesn’t only make you feel better but it actually brings a host of potential health benefits. So how do increase the happiness factor in our life?

Follow the path to Happiness and Good Health
  1. Avoid Having Unrealistic and Unreasonable Desires – Unhappiness is a direct result of desires not being met.
  2. Lead A Healthy Lifestyle – Happier people look after their health by eating healthier diets and engage in adequate physical activity.
  3. Regular Meditation to Combat Stress – We all know that stress increases the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and disturbed sleep.
  4. Express Gratitude Regularly – Focus on the smallest of things you are grateful for. If, at the end of your day, you were to write down three things to be grateful about you would be surprised how it transforms your entire life within a matter of days!Happiness
  5. Live with Nature– Do NOT stay indoors all through the day. Head out for a walk in the park, observe the birds and butterflies, water the plants, do whatever you like. Being outdoors for just 30 minutes morning and evening can have a positive effect on your life.
  6. Be Choosy about the Company you keep – Being around happy people will transmit happiness in your life. Similarly, unhappy, ungrateful and discontented people can only bring grief, depression and ill health.

Focusing on these things will not only bring happiness and good health your life but will also help extend it too.

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