​How to Build Your Moments of Happiness 


Finding Happiness

How to Build Your Moments of Happiness

To live a fulfilling and more enjoyable life you must learn how to build your moments of happiness.
It is all a question of seizing the smallest of the fleeting opportunities.
In fact, while sailing through the journey of life, most of us do not even realize when these little islands of joy passed by us!
We all have our “good” as well as “bad” moments. But quite often, we let the bad ones overwhelm us.
We let the small moments of joy pass by without enjoying them.
How to Build Your Moments of Happiness
Here are some ways how to go about ensuring that you live a happy and more meaningful and fulfilling life –

  • Make an affirmation early in the morning that you are going to enjoy each and every moment of your life the entire day.
  • Live one day at a time – Do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow; stay in the moment and try to see humor, happiness, and goodness in everything.
  • Overlook small faults in others – Look at the larger picture and do not allow anything or anyone to spoil your day.
  • Create situations that bring happiness to you as well as those around you.  It is only when you live in a happy environment that you are the most productive.
  • Keep away from things that make you unhappy or sad.  There are bound to be people who annoy you without any viable reason.  You cannot control the behavior of others and hence it is best to keep away from them as long as you can.
  • Savor the moment- Enjoy your meals, your outings, and your interactions with others. Quite often we hurry through our day. This translates to not having time to enjoy what we eat or the company that we keep.
  • Look around and enjoy the sunshine, feel the breeze, listen to the sound of birds chirping, talk to the trees around you.  Observe these beautiful creations of God and feel the oneness with them!
  • Smile more often; find the reasons to smile and if you cannot find them – create them!
  • Do not over-organize your day.  Enjoy the suddenness of situations and enjoy dealing with them in an impromptu manner.

Remember, remaining happy and being joyful is all in our own hands. Just as a potter shapes beautiful shapes out of clay, create your own happiness.

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  1. Srinivasan

    Ultimately the choice between living joyfully or with regret, unhappiness and vengeance is within all of us. We need to make the choice and shape us from within. Even if you meet people whose aim is to make you unhappy, it is how you react to them which makes you joyful or sad. You cannot avoid such people in your daily lives, hence your reaction to them shapes your inner happiness. Also developing a good hobby however small and keeping a good social circle of friends enhances ones happiness and gives meaning to life. Giving to others gives more pleasure than taking from others, a habit which one needs to cultivate as you grow older. Life is full of joy, surprises and wonder, only that the person has to develop a knack of experiencing it like a child.

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