Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression is an increasing concern in our society as it as the main reason for almost all health issues.

The biggest reasons for depression are expectations, discontentment and lonliness.

The inability to deal with the smallest of demanding situations alone creates further aloofness and withdrawal from the world.
Many of us find it increasingly difficult to find contentment.

We are unable to handle differences of opinion and perspectives. Many people are in a perpetual state of restlessness as they are unable to achieve their goals, which leads to depression and causes many health issues.

With the breakdown of families and social interactions with friends, many small, yet endearing things that we did as a group have been lost. The simplicity of life has taken a backseat in our priorities of day to day living.

Hindrances in our efforts of Overcoming Depression

Inability to appreciate simple things, keeping away from real life friends, spending more time and effort on a single-minded pursuit of accumulation of more and more wealth and increasing consumerism is detrimental to our physical and mental health.
Materialistic possessions do not determine happiness. It is, therefore, necessary to embrace life wisely to achieve inner peace, joy, contentment, and happiness.

Overcoming Depression to Achieve Inner Peace
  • Simplify your daily schedule and keep yourself focussed on the bigger picture of being happy and healthy.
    Avoid arguments and unrest to bring a balance to your life.
  • Practice meditation regularly. It has the potential to transform your life dramatically and bring good health, peace and a sense of balance throughout the day.
  • Be creative by developing an interest or a hobby which will give you a creative outlet
    Avoid people who trigger negativity. Toxic people have the ability to bring tension in your life by just bring near you! Let them go.
  • Stop stressing yourself in trying to making everyone happy. You cannot do it because happiness is their own state of mind and has nothing to do with your efforts. Hence learn to say NO when you mean no!
  • Give a pause in life – keep some “me” time in which you have a blast without any concern with others. Give yourself and your happiness the importance that it deserves.

Lastly, take some time off before sleeping and count your blessings. Read more HERE

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