Rituals on A New Moon

Having rituals on a new moon day and full moon day is common to almost every culture around the world. These rituals have their origins in celestial observations since ancient times. They have also evolved with astrology, witchcraft, religious traditions as well as modern scientific facts.

What is a New Moon?

If you consider only the astrological cycles, the new Moon is simply a phase, in which the moon gets aligned between the Sun and the Earth.
This conjunction in ecliptical longitude with the Sun makes the Moon invisible from the Earth and, therefore, its side facing the Earth is in complete darkness.

The New Moon signifies the start of every Jewish month. Similarly, it has significance in Hindu, Islamic, Chinese, and other calendars. It marks the commencement of a new lunar cycle that often signifies an array of fresh beginnings. Rituals on A New Moon present you with an ideal opportunity for self-reflection and goal-setting.

Scientifically, our subconscious alignment to this energy presents an ideal opportunity to conceive new projects, initiate life changes, and develop new habits. When we are aware, and consciously invoke this energy during the New Moon, we experience life-changing shifts even further.

The New Moon is a perfect time to meditate and organize yourself for your next move. Its purifying energy aids you in your reflection. During this period, your spirit is filled with renewed strength, fresh ideas, intuitive power, and boundless courage that helps in giving a boost to achieving your desires.

Rituals on A New Moon

Rituals on A New Moon refine Your intentions and give a boost of energy to achieve the same.

You may like to have some simple Rituals on A New Moon. Here is one for a goal-setting intention.

Suggested Procedure for Simple Rituals on A New Moon

Make an alter using any early available elevated platform like a small stool, a flat stone about 4 to 6 inches high, a wooden piece, etc. You can also use a table. Do this outdoors on a dark new moon night for spell casting and witchcraft, but here we will do it indoors.

Choose a quiet room where you will not be disturbed.

On the alter keep a plate with the following –

  • Any sacred herb or incense.
  • A pure white candle.
  • A pen and paper.
  • If you wish, you can also place a picture of the deity you worship.

Before starting, cleanse yourself with a warm water bath, preferably with herbs and/or essential oils (optional.)

Start the Ritual

Cleanse your space by lighting a sacred smoke using sage, rosemary, dhoop, etc.)

Sit at the altar, light the candle, and write down your intentions. Ensure that they are delivered positively, as already manifested. For example, you can write, “I am a successful chartered accountant” instead of “I want to be a chartered accountant.” Do not use any negative words like “cannot,” “won’t,” or “should not”.

Once finished, meditate on these intentions as the candle burn away. After completing, thank the universe, and keep this slip of paper on which you had written your intentions in such a way that you are reminded of them frequently.

A simple session should last for 30 to 45 minutes. You can also add other things like crystals, a reiki box, Japa beads, talismans, etc that you want to use as the keys to the manifestation of your desires.

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