The Truth about Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness is elusive to most of us. When you look around yourselves to see how many people appear to be truly happy, you would be amazed to note there are so few of them.
I was driving along the road and looked around to observe faces of people around me, and was surprised. Not a single one of them was smiling, or laughing, or even talking!
Most were looking preoccupied with their thoughts, just staring blankly at a lot of anxiety. Some were angry and had stress written all over their faces. They were most likely wondering about when they would be able to move.
All around us people seek ways for finding happiness but hardly anyone is happy these days. Leave alone laughter, they don’t even smile.
And that makes me wonder why people are not happy or what does it take to make people happy?
All of them could take the time off to acknowledge each other. Maybe smiled at someone or listen to music. But no, they choose to stay focused on the fact that they were not able to keep up with something in the future! We let go of the present moment for something in the future. This is the key to our unhappiness
Isnt that such a shame?
Key to Finding Happiness
People are unhappy because they do not live in the moment. It is as simple as that.
They are also unhappy because they have far too many unfulfilled desires they do not count upon what they have but are focused on what they do not have. Desiring more or less is something that is a part of our genetic makeup as well as the circumstances. But despite that, we have a huge window where we can find happiness by deliberately and consciously controlling our urges happily.
Strictly speaking being happy or unhappy is almost 50% dependent upon our genes but the rest of 50% is more about how we take our life in our day to day routine and a small part of it is about the circumstances.
Most of us equate happiness with the amount of money that we have. This is one reason we are always in the pursuit of owning more and more, little realizing that if it was just money that would make us happy why would so many rich people be unhappy?
Marilyn Monroe had everything – wealth, beauty, sex appeal, popularity, and fame all the ingredients that many see as a mark of happiness but then why did she end her life in suicide?
Voltaire, most infamous for his infidelity, has appeared to have said on his deathbed – “I am so lost! Oh, I wish I was never born.”
Millionaire Jay Gould too said his last words – ” I am the most miserable man on earth.”
In reality, wealth, power, beauty or fame can neither make someone happy or unhappy. All these are external factors. Real happiness comes from within us. It is more about our inner conditioning.
The Truth about Finding Happiness
Happiness is more about nurturing relationships and it comes from mindfulness, compassion, and gratitude. While these are the qualities that you are born with, they can also be inculcated. You can learn to develop these abilities from me by writing HERE.
These are not commercial classes, the entire training is FREE and these are one to one real-time training on Skype sessions with neither any offers of sale nor any between the line deals.
We are often thinking about the past or planning for our future. What about now???
Happiness is about living the now moment to its fullest. Write to me to know what is holding you from finding Happiness.
This is a transcript of a part of the live session by Dr. Prakash at The Real Art of Living Seminar held in New York. Dr. Prakash is a professor in Philosophy and the Telegraphs bestselling author of Healing without Medicines. Follow his thoughts and blogs on and


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