Four Aspects and Nine Elements

Four Aspects and Nine Elements of Usui Reiki

The practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho hinges on its Four Aspects and Nine core elements.

What are the Four Aspects and Nine Elements of Usui Reiki?

Four Aspects

  1. A regular healing practice.
  2. Self- development 
  3. Rigorous spiritual discipline and 
  4. Mystical order. 

These Aspects affect the overall philosophy of Reiki that can be summarised as the Nine core Elements. 

Nine Elements

These elements are –

Oral Tradition – This is important because a person to person contact with a Reiki Master ensures that you capture the verbal, non-verbal, and energetic transmissions in totality. 

Spiritual Lineage – The experiences are passed from one master to another and lead to the development of society.

History – The story of the development of Reiki in its present form must be passed orally during the First level class to manifest correctly.

Initiation – This is a sacred ritual that is passed down by matters to connect each student.

Symbols – The three symbols are the keys to access the dimensions other than known to us and are to be taught during the Second level classes.

Treatment Procedure– The treatment is to be done using hand positions in a specific order. 

Teaching Procedure – teaching is done mainly during the First and Second Level classes. Thereafter, there is more emphasis on spiritual development.

Monetary Exchange – This is done by the student for the master with each initiatory step of the Reiki Level to clear the Karmic exchange. It follows a definitive Principle of exchange.

Precepts – The Five Precepts involve the development of mind, body, and spirit in the student, as well as the master with each practice, increasing their vibrational frequency for wholesome development.

The unison of Aspects and elements creates a practice that leads to healing and spiritual development. Their importance can only be understood through personal experience. 

It is very important to adhere to the four aspects and nine elements of Reiki as given above.

When you digress from this, the practice is at best some other form of Reiki as it ceases to be within the ambit of the traditional Usui Reiki.

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