Why is a Reiki Attunement Necessary?


I was asked this question by a youngster yesterday.

It’s a fairly common  thought that comes to the mind; after all who attuned Mikao Usui?

He got the knowledge of Reiki all by himself, isn’t it?

So do we need to be attuned.

And my answer was like this –

Frankly, we don’t require attunement. After all isn’t it  this a universal life energy and available to all? So why do you have to attend a Reiki class and receive initiation?

So we DO NOT “need” an attunement BUT I strongly recommend it.
As a teacher, I have initiated many students and I feel it’s a singularly beautiful and divine experience for both the teacher as well as the receiver.

The reactions of the students are always good as they really feel the power of the divine energy entering them. Every student feels greatly touched by this universal energy.

There are two important aspects to this-

1.   In a practical  realm, Initiations are  the easiest and best way to feel the divine connection to the Spirit. The only other way is a long term meditation, just as Mikao Usui did. A tough call that!

2.  In the divine  realm, initiation opens up many doors  by this sacred ritual. The master passes on the divine spark of Reiki thru him/her and what can be better than that?

It is akin to lighting a lamp from another lamp and it’s a process that increases the overall luminosity.

With this in mind, taking the attunement is your call.
If you feel upto it, go ahead, choose a Reiki master you are drawn to and who you think is sincere to get the initiated  and unlock the doors to this divine abundance .

God Bless.

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