Attract Miracles by Living in Purity

How do you Attract Miracles by Living in Purity?

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We all share an innate desire to attract miracles and abundance into our lives. This universal phenomenon is intrinsic to humanity, transcending age, nationality, gender, and social status.

During childhood, our desires are simple, but as we mature, our focus adapts to our circumstances. Nevertheless, our yearning for positive manifestations remains steadfast.

Whether it’s the sudden appearance of Santa Claus, robust health, running a thriving organization, or winning a lottery, these are examples of common aspirations for which we seek to draw miracles during different life stages.

Miracles unfold continually. Profound miracles continuously unfold in our midst, often overlooked and taken for granted.

The arrival of a newborn, the flawless beauty of nature, the heartfelt connection between a father and child, the harmonious existence of flowers, birds, and bees – these instances exemplify nature’s miracles. The transformation from larva to pupa to butterfly is yet another remarkable process.

However, for the scope of this discussion on attracting miracles, I will focus solely on methods related to manifesting our desires.

How can we draw miracles into our lives?

Numerous methods exist to attract miracles, some of which have been explored in this article on Reiki Manifestation.

If you seek the simplest (albeit possibly most challenging) path to manifesting miracles, it lies in cultivating purity in your life. While easier said than done, this principle is acknowledged by many, yet practiced by few.

How do we attract miracles through purity?

Purity of thought and action serves as a magnet for the forces of abundance, enriching your life with the aspirations you’ve always envisioned.

is the pivotal initial step, analogous to the foundational stage in Yoga that involves connecting with the divine. This encompasses purity in mind, body, spirit, desires, and deeds.

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