Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity


Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity

Seeking Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity in life is natural. However, many of us find it very difficult. The main reason for this is our conditioning. 

Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity is all about shifting our focus a little by tweaking it to tap on the resources that the universe has to offer.  

You have to change your mindset and intrinsically believe that the universe has an unimaginable abundance that it is willing to share with those who condition their mind and body to be capable receptors. 

Reiki is one such modality that brings you close to this combination. However, you can do this by other energy healing and manifestation techniques as well!

Our physical form is just an image of our energy body, which is a well-conceived creation of the Almighty.

Once you realize this, it becomes easy to understand the basic tenets of the Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity.

Procedure for Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity


There is no set procedure for manifestation. The one outlined below is just the basic (and the simplest) that can be adopted by anyone.

The central idea behind this procedure is to enable you to raise the vibration of your energy and streamline the Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity in line with your desires.

Principles of Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity

Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity

Remove the Clutter 

There is far too much clutter in our lives and many of us do not even know what we want in life to make it more fulfilling. 

Therefore, before anything else, you need to be very clear about what you want. Spend a little time and think about what exactly do you want.

Shift your thought process from what you do not have, and only focus on your deep-rooted, and most important desire that you want the universe to fulfill.

Do not lament on your shortfalls and problems, focus your entire energy on the goals you wish to achieve.

There is no barter. It is one-way traffic. You will get exactly what you seek!


Manifestation of abundanceDevelop an Unflinching Faith

Unless you have faith in the universe to provide you with your desires, what is the point even starting with the Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity? 

Do not do this half-heartedly. You must believe that what you desire is waiting to come into your life!

Therefore, positive thinking and affirmations play a very important role in Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity.

Developing an Unflinching Faith in the powers of the universe and the creator keeps you on the track to manifesting abundance. 

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

If you are not grateful for things that are already in your life, there is simply no room to accumulate more, and hence more will not come. 

There is a principle of cause and effect involved. When you acknowledge what you get, you are bound to get even more! 

Regular practice of Gratitude will raise your energetic vibrations, and create a higher resonance that attracts the universal abundance. 

Be Forgiving 

Keeping resentments against anyone is one of the most damaging things that you can do to yourself. 

Being forgiving and blessing even those who harmed you will magnify your vibrations multi-fold, and open the gates to bring all kinds of abundance in your life.

Be Proactive 

Simply dreaming and wishing is not enough. Once you start with the above procedure, you will start getting insights into taking some action from the available choices that you have. 

It is important to listen to that inner voice and be guided. Have faith in your intuition to take you on the path that is just right for you. But do this only after increasing your positivity and vibrational field with regular practice. There are no short cuts!

Allow Permanent Change in Thinking Pattern

This is the most important step of all. While you may be doing all of the above-mentioned steps, you may still be blocking yourself at a subconscious level. This is because of years of having a fixed pattern of beliefs. Manifestation for Abundance & Prosperity is possible only if you let go of these patterns that are an obstacle to free flow of abundance in your life.

In Conclusion

The most important part of these basic principles is that you have to make a part of your daily life and focus on them regularly to bring about a perceptible change in your subconscious. 

Your desires can manifest only if you allow them to, by being open to receive what the universe provides you – doubting the giver never really works!

Remember, powerful thoughts and affirmations, along with a strong belief system, can lead to unprecedented manifestation for abundance & prosperity in your life.






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  1. Elizabeth Gorham

    Amazing article!! Direct & to the point. Completely agree with everything stated. Simple truths but definitely takes work to follow through. Thank you so much!!

    1. Dr Prakash

      Thank you, Elezabeth.
      Glad you liked it.
      God Bless

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