What Is Visualization and How Does It Work

What Is Visualization and Why is it Important

Those of you are new to Reiki, manifestation or any other meditation and healing modality, may often be baffled by the importance that is given to visualization. Some new students often ask What Is Visualization and How Does It Work. This post tries to explain the phenomenon as well as the modality that you can use effectively to help you visualize and gain the immense benefits it offers.

What Is Visualization

Visualization of a Forthcoming Event

Have you ever wondered what the successful Olympic athletes typically contemplate before a competition?
After all, they perform in front of tens of thousands, if not millions, of people. That can be quite intimidating and make anyone apprehensive of their competitors. It is also natural to think about anything that could go wrong. Also, they need to plan how to avoid it.

That does seem natural, doesn’t it? 
After all, we’d do it if we were in their shoes. 

However, successful athletes instinctively do quite the opposite! They realize that contemplating mistakes is not a wise idea, especially immediately before a competition. 

Why is it so? 

Because visualizing mistakes – or imagining poor performance – makes it more likely that such things will happen, even if they don’t want to. On the other hand, most renowned athletes visualize their goals just before a competition. They imagine themselves as the winner of the game, the quickest runner, or the scorer of the winning point. They’ve been taught to “imagine” what they want rather than what they wouldn’t want to occur. By doing this, their odds of succeeding increase.

And that’s the magic of visualisation. It can help you reach your goals and ambitions regularly.

But What Exactly Is Visualization?

Visualization is a step by step procedure for forming a vivid mental image of an upcoming event. You can rehearse for the event in advance using visualization to ensure that you are properly prepared. You may also develop your self-confidence that helps to perform successfully by imagining accomplishments the way you want them to occur.

Considering the following situation: you have a significant job interview forthcoming and you’re anxious. It is easy to be concerned about providing incorrect answers, speaking uncomfortably, or missing out on any important details.
We’ve probably often had irrational thoughts like this.
Conversely, you could utilise visualization tools to envision that the session went well. You might visualize yourself going confidently, effortlessly presenting all of your achievements, and offering the interviewer the best solution to what they are seeking. 
Wouldn’t that visual make you feel a lot better and confident?

Visualization has Several Advantages:

What is visualization

Visualizing desired goals might boost your self-assurance. It helps you feel that it can – and will – happen if you “see” yourself achieve.
Visualization allows you to “train” for success. You make your mind and the body prepare to take the exact actions in reality when you visualise every stage of an event happening successfully.
Visualization may be beneficial to everybody. To employ visualisation to attain your objectives, you don’t need to be an expert or a specialist. To know more about how to do visualisation click HERE.

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