The Truth About Past Life Regression (PLR)

What is Past Life Regression or PLR?

Past life regression helps people uncover memories from their previous incarnation in a semi hypnotic state.
While there is no scientific proof of the veracity of this method, most of the the experiences come from empirical studies.

Pre-requisites of a PLR session

It requires a working college of hypnosis and some experience and is quite different from hypnotic trance. While hypnotherapists uses an evidence based approach based on proper research, in which they offer suggestions to the client to elicit some answers  past life regression therapist has a different task. They need to refrain from any innocuous or leading questions. Suggestions given during the session can lead to the subject imagining events that are simply not true.

This is where experience of a physical past life regression therapist comes in. Asking leading questions Eg. “what do you see yourself as,” can trigger false imagery that has got nothing to do with the previous life. It is simply their fantasy, and not at all a memory from previous incarnation. This is the reason almost everyone imagines himself or herself to be a queen king queen prince or a princess.

You see many people imagining themselves as what they actually want to be in the present life! It has got nothing to do with past life.

How past life regression (PLR) can lead to false memories.

It is common to see most PLR regression therapist asking the client to relieve the past life experiences. This leads to the fast false memory syndrome, unless the PLR therapist is careful about the suggestions during the session.

Often the past during the current life, and not the past life triggers False memories. These are the dormant feelings and events which come to the surface due to the hypnotic or meditative trance. Without a trance, how much do we even remember of our present life?

Going back into the past life is not an easy task as made out to be. Most of these so called PLR sessions are more about imagining what is being suggested, or what you wish to imagine!

You are  not reliving actual past lives, but only capturing dormant memories and desires of the present one.

What is the Benefit of a Past Life Regression Session?

Past-life regression when done under expert supervision can have some positive outcomes. PLR is best suited to treating phobias and psychic issues. It can also relieve certain emotional blocks and give insights to relieve physical symptoms like insomnia, anger, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, money issue, relationships, etc.

However, you should never try PLR without expert supervision as it can lead to unpleasant results that can haunt for life, and may end up increasing the issues instead of bringing relief!

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  1. Harneet Kour

    I want to know about money symbols n their uses in reiki healing if I learnt 2reiki levels bt prblms can not be resolved thn wht is the reason of not getting positive changes by doing reiki healing i m doing the practice of reki for my self to cure chronic health n mental issues becoz imbalance emotions so plz tell me why my healing is not working for me n curing my health issues .
    If I learnt 2level of reiki thn can I use symbols of money for myself only by chanting n by visualizing without using reiki healing for money manifestation.

    3rd quest is it imp to use Visualisation while doing for myself or others or we can only use symbols or mantras or affirmation etc anything we can use or only symbol is enough for any healing .

    1. Dr Prakash

      Sometimes it takes time to see the results so please carry on with you practices.
      It also depends upon the procedure you are following. It may not work if the procedure is incorrect.
      Visualisation is important. Symbols, by themselves have no meaning.
      Please write to me on in case you wish to clarify anything.
      God Bless ­čî╣

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