Chi-Ball Distance Healing

1. First do the full session on yourself followed by grounding instead of de-linking ie… Focus on energy coming from crown chakra and passing thru all others thru feet into the ground. Follow up with power symbol for protection.

2. Seal the area around you (and in case of other persons distance healing seal the Reiki box in front of you.

3.  Affirm that now you are going to clear the past karma or give Reiki to future events of …. And pray to guiding angels, Reiki energy, guru, god and spiritual guides to help you access the karmic records and send Reiki for removing negativities and healing the karma.

4.  Start by sending Hun sa zha she nen… Establish connection with the FOURTH layer of aura body of yourself or the other person being healed. In case of event send to the event of past or future… It is same thing.

5.. Then fold your palms bring Reiki into palms .. Open them and hold the Reiki ball into your hand. Draw the three symbols and focus on intent. Place the intent on it.

6. Release the ball and ask it to go and heal the karmic record of the past…or future… Visualise it t going there on fourth layer of aura body and cleaning it. In case of event, visualise going to that event and cleaning it.

7.  Hold your palms outwards like healing position and send the the symbols too.

8.  Then withdraw by getting your consciousness back to yourself.

9.  Thereafter draw protection symbol around you followed by AOG and prayer

10. Delink

You must not do that till you have done sufficient practice on distance healing. Do some more distance healing as this requires more power..

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